Why Today’s Wordle Gives You Different Answers

Wordle’s answer for today is to provide more than one solution, leaving users wondering why different answers appear after Wordle’s New York move.

Some users have noticed that: wordle gives two different answers today. This is said to cause quite a bit of confusion as guessing today’s word – Wordle #241 – can be difficult for those playing with friends or a partner. So, why does? wordle got two answers today, and is the game really broken?

For several weeks now, users around the world have been logging in every morning to try to guess the word of the day wordle, the viral word game that has since become part of the larger cultural zeitgeist in 2022. Users are sharing their success on social media and trying to keep their streak going. With a high-profile takeover wordle was bought by the New York Times – and this is the crux of the matter when it comes to wordle two answers today.


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The answer for Tuesday, February 15, 2022 – Wordle #241 – appears as two different solutions. However, both answers seem to be correct, which has only added to the confusion. While some have speculated that wordle broken, this is not necessarily the case. In fact, the reason seems to be quite simple, and it may mean that future wordle answers will also have multiple solutions.

Is Wordle broken? Why Wordle #241 has two answers

Wordle February 15 241 Tuesday attempt

The problem arising from Wordle #241 having two different answers seems to come back to the New York Times take over of wordle† Since the buyout, profanity has been censored and the game is officially over the NYT Place. Apparently users get a different wordle answer for today depending on whether they go through the old Powerlanguage site or through the New York Times‘newer customer. This seems to be entirely coincidental, but it does explain why both answers are registered as correct in wordle

The NYT purchase of wordle has not been without a few hiccups. Many users are concerned about a paywall in the future, despite the game remaining free for now. In addition, some players wordle streak scores were ruined when the game made the official move to the New York Times† Despite these problems and concerns, it has remained a popular game.

The confusion about February 15th wordle answer is the first time this problem is known to occur but it may not be the last time. As long as both the Powerlanguage site and New York Times‘ client are live, this issue may reoccur. However, moving forward from today’s snafu, it seems like the New York Times answer will be the official one wordle solution from now on.

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