FFXIV’s new deep dungeons can take players to Garlemald & The Moon

New Deep Dungeons are arriving in updates to FFXIV: Endwalker, and there are many newly introduced places that require further exploration.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker will receive a new Deep Dungeon sometime within the 6.x patches, which begs the question: where will the new Deep Dungeon be located? Looking at the locations in FFXIV: Endwalker, two of the places where it would make the most sense for a new Deep Dungeon to take place would be in Garlemald or in Mare Lamentorum, otherwise known as the Moon. Garlemald’s Tower of Babil dungeon, formerly known as the Imperial Palace, still looms heavily over the snowy plains of Garlemald. Below the tower, the destruction of the city remains strewn with enemies. It would be ideal to discover a Deep Dungeon in the Tower of Babil given its sheer size, but it would also be nice to explore the city ruins of Garlemald even further.


[Warning: Spoilers for Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker follow.]

From the snowy hills of Garlemald to the bustling markets of Radz-At-Han and the edge of the universe in Ultima Thule, the locations and story in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalkers MSQ was pleasantly surprising. One little thing that further helps to expand an area is the addition of a Deep Dungeon. Deep Dungeons are instances with unique gameplay mechanics where players clear a series of floors full of mobs and occasional bosses, while managing status effects, extra skills and actions, and opportunities for unique loot. Deep dungeons are an excellent place for players to improve their jobs. Currently there are two Deep Dungeons: Palace of the Dead in South Shroud at Quarrymill, first introduced in A reborn realmand Heaven-on-High, introduced in storm blood and located in Crick on the Ruby Sea. Not only the withdrawal and return of FFXIVs Deep Dungeons provide additional knowledge for an area, but it also allows more players to visit the zone.

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The news about this was announced on the FFXIV Korean Fan Festival last weekend during a Q&A session with director and producer Naoki Yoshida (Yoshi-P) and battle content director Masaki Nakagawa. The Q&A session suggested that more than one could be released, which would be different from the amount charged in other expansions of Final Fantasy XIV. There were six new locations for players to explore endwalkerand having Deep Dungeons in Garlemald or Mare Lamentorum would be appropriate.

Mare Lamentorum map would be an excellent place for FFXIV Deep Dungeons

Home of the first trial of FFXIV: Endwalker and the resting place for Zodiark, Mare Lamentorum, otherwise known as the Moon, is vastly empty for its size. There are several places on Mare Lamentorum that would make a good location for a Deep Dungeon, including the gaping Cradle of Darkness, where Zodiark once stood. The potential for players to explore the expanse of the gaping hole left by the primordial could bring even more potential knowledge about the character The Watcher, Elidibus, and The Ancients trapped there. Other places in Mare Lamentorum that can be explored include the remains of the Allagan ship that crashed after the most recent Mare Lamentorum disaster, or even locations that could be outside the base of the massive Mare Lamentorum map.

There are many potential places for a new Deep Dungeon in endwalker could be, and having a Deep Dungeon in Garlemald or on Mare Lamentorum would give players an extra reason to visit the two zones, as FFXIVs endgame remains scarce. Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker can take advantage of the additional content and stories that Deep Dungeons could potentially solve.

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