Moon Knight gets a TV-14 rating on Disney+

Moon Knight gets a TV-14 rating in line with other Disney+ MCU series, despite Kevin Feige’s comments calling the upcoming show “cruel.”

Moon Knight will be rated as TV-14 to align with previous MCU series entries. Moon Knight Starring Oscar Isaac as the titular superhero, a man who may or may not be marked by an Egyptian god to do his bidding on Earth as a superhero. Moon Knight’s character has been a fan favorite since he first appeared in Marvel comics, and many have been eagerly awaiting his debut in the MCU.

One factor that many potential viewers have wondered about is how far? Moon Knight could go in terms of violent content, given its position within the broad all-ages MCU and the fact that it streams on the Disney+ service, which is often associated with family entertainment. After all, Disney has plans for a Lizzie McGuire reboot due to what star Hilary Duff described as differing opinions between her and the studio about how mature the reboot’s story would be. Marvel boss Kevin Feige recently assured fans that Moon Knight would push the boundaries and be one “cheeky” shift in tone for the MCU.


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According to Disney+, Moon Knight is rated TV-14. The TV-14 rating is described as Parents Strongly Warned and is intended for children 14 years and older when accompanied by an adult. This is the same review that MCU shows: WandaVisionLokiThe Falcon and the Winter Soldierand hawk eye received on the Disney+ service.

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TV-14 is very similar to the PG-13 rating in movies, so it’s not surprising Moon Knight has a similar rating to most of the big and small screen MCU episodes. It should be noted that many series on Disney+ have been able to push the boundaries of the TV-14 rating, as is the case with the simpsons, which is one of the crown jewel series streaming on the service. Similar to the recent revelation of the PG-13 rating for the batterMoon Knight‘s TV-14 rating is likely to upset some viewers hoping for a more mature rating. However, a rating is not always a direct indication of the material, and Moon KnightLike it the batterwill likely be towards the more mature end of the TV-14 spectrum.

Moon Knight itself is expected to mark a new chapter for the MCU, leading to a much greater emphasis on the supernatural. This is expected to be carried through in the rumours Werewolf at night Halloween special, as well as the upcoming one Sheet movie. Moon KnightHowever, the TV-14 rating further supports speculation that Netflix’s recently announced departure from Marvel shows like daredevilJessica JonesLuke Kooi, whose rights have all returned to Disney may be released on Hulu instead of the Disney+ service when they return. Many of these shows have a higher age rating given their violent and mature content, so maybe viewers can expect this Moon Knight nasty be a bit tame than other Marvel properties.

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