It’s not just you, Discord is down for a lot of people right now

Are you having trouble using Discord today? You are not alone. The wildly popular messaging app is experiencing widespread outage starting Feb. 15.

disagreement has become one of the most popular messaging platforms on the web. Unfortunately the service is broken this afternoon and not working for many users. The internet can be a pretty vulnerable place at times. Bad actors carry out scams and phishing attacks, faulty code causes unexpected bugs and infrastructure problems are not uncommon. Added up, it’s no surprise that things don’t always work out.

Only 2021 was filled with failure after failure. In June 2021, a problem with Fastly servers caused much of the internet to go offline, including Amazon, Spotify, Twitch, PayPal, Reddit, and a host of other sites. There was also a major problem with Facebook services in October 2021, followed by three AWS outages in December. In other words, it’s been a pretty rocky year.


Now, on February 15, 2022, it seems that the bad times have come again. As of 11:25am PST, Discord’s status page has been updated to confirm that the company is investigating “general API and session issues.” More specifically, Discord is: “examine issues with people sending messages, logging in, streaming videos, etc.” A quick look at Twitter confirms just as much. “#Discorddown” started trending shortly after Discord announced the issue, with thousands of users reporting they were having issues with the app.

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What’s causing this latest glitch?

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So, what’s going on in the world? It’s a bit unclear at the moment. Discord’s website doesn’t offer much insight into the issue, but blames it on “API and session issues.” The Downward Detector website shows a spike in outage complaints for Amazon Web Services around the time Discord went down, suggesting the two may be related.

Whatever the reason, the good news is that Discord is already fixing things. As of 11:45 am PST, Discord has confirmed that it is now in the monitoring phase of repairs. According to the company, “We think we’ve identified the issue and rolled back. We’ll be monitoring the fix and fix!” There’s no ETA for when things will start working again, but it sounds like things should gradually come back online sooner rather than later. Breaks like this are never fun or enjoyable, but at the very least it seems to be something pretty easy for Discord to tackle. If your Discord apps are still broken, give them a few minutes to get back to normal and then try again!

Source: Discord, DownDetector

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