Tom Holland Details Undercover Bar Work For Uncharted Film Prep

Tom Holland admits to working undercover as a bartender in London to prepare for his role as Nathan Drake in the film adaptation of Uncharted.

Tom Holland has revealed he worked undercover as a bartender in preparation for his role in not mapped† Holland stars in the film as Nathan Drake alongside Mark Wahlberg as Victor Sullivan. Based on the action-adventure games developed by Naughty Dog, the film sees Drake recruited by Sullivan to find lost treasures. The film is largely inspired by the fourth game in the series. The road to adaptation was long; it first went into development in 2008, with shooting for not mapped it was rumored to start as early as 2015 before the project languished for some time. The release was equally difficult, having been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic, but not mapped is now finally in theaters.


Holland became a superstar thanks to his portrayal of Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the MCU, and has had three solo forays as a wall crawler after his first appearance in Captain America: Civil War. His career has undergone quite a drastic change since his start as a young dancer and his time in London’s West End, where he played the title role in an acclaimed production of Billy Elliot† Since then he has had a number of roles in big budget Hollywood movies and his schedule now keeps him so busy that he had to start filming immediately. not mapped after packing Spider-Man: No Way Home

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In preparation for his latest movieHolland went undercover as a bartender, as reported by People† While promoting the film, he talks about his love of learning new skills, and how much he enjoyed going incognito as a bartender in preparation for his not mapped role. However, he also noted the problems his fame caused him after news spread that he had been serving at a London bar. Check out what he had to say about his experience on the job below:

“For me, one of my favorite things about what we do for a living is when you get the chance to learn a new skill for a reason other than you just want to try it. So I went to bartender school I ended up doing a few shifts at this bar in London which was a lot of fun I really enjoyed it And it’s a nice little set piece in the movie As word spread through the city people started to find out about it come that ‘apparently Tom Holland is bartending in this bar,’ then the general manager started figuring it out. And then I ended up getting kind of kicked out.”

The presence of the Netherlands undoubtedly brought a lot of business to the bar – perhaps an overwhelming amount due to the celebrity status his stay in the MCU has brought him. Nevertheless, his time there is typical of Holland’s hands-on approach to his role as Nathan Drake. He even did some of his own stunts, including some of the thrilling ones not mapped airplane fight scene that took months to film and is apparently one of the hardest stunt scenes he’s ever done.

Given the range of talents of the Netherlands, it’s no surprise that he would also make a decent bartender. It must have been an exciting experience for fans to be served by him – especially if they ordered an espresso martini, which he claims is his favorite drink to make. Even just from the not mapped trailer, where Holland shows off his impressive bartending moves, it looks like his undercover experience and training is paying off.

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Source: People

  • Uncharted (2022)Release date: February 18, 2022

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