Clone Wars: 15 Best Quotes From The Opening Crawls

As the realm of Jedi, lightsabers and the Force, the Star Wars universe is absolutely filled with wise mentors and their teachings. But while Master Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi may be the best teachers in the galaxy, there really is something to be said for the wisdom that The Clone Wars series.

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The characters in the series may offer appropriate lessons and morals, but the quotes from the opening of each episode touch viewers on a more philosophical level. Some are a bit on the nose, and others are a bit cliche, but many just say it all.


Updated Feb 18, 2022 by Rhys McGinley: The Clone Wars is widely regarded as the best Star Wars TV show out there, and its cast of incredible characters has some of the best Star Wars quotes ever. Some of the best Clone Wars quotes don’t come from the characters, but from the opening crawls that come before most episodes.

These explorations often contain inspirational or wise messages that have a thematic connection to the episode, and so many of them stand out to fans as not only great Clone Wars quotes, but great nuggets of wisdom.

The Cost of War

“The cost of war can never really be justified.”

One of the great things that The Clone Wars and Star Wars in general shows how horrible war is, and how it has such disastrous consequences not only for those who fight in it, but also for the citizens of the galaxy.

This exploration takes place during the Ryloth arc of Season 1, a planet entangled in the middle of the war where many people are losing their lives. The death toll in the war and the emotional and psychological toll it has taken on millions can never be truly understood, nor can it be underestimated.

A spark to light the fire

“A single chance is a galaxy of hopes.”

This opening quote, which comes at the beginning of the “Mystery Of A Thousand Moons” episode, is a line that perfectly describes some of the star wars’ most iconic moments, moments that gave the Galaxy hope in the face of pure evil and tyranny.

Luke had one chance to destroy the first Death Star, and that one chance gave the galaxy hope that the Empire would be defeated. Luke sacrificed himself to give some of the Resistance a chance to save the galaxy from the First Order. Moments like these sum up the idea of ​​hope that Star Wars stilt. All it takes to instill hope is a single chance.

Accept the differences of others

“Embrace others for their differences, because that makes you whole.”

‘s Bad Batch Arch The Clone Wars Season 7 deals a lot with the individuality of clones and the differences between individuals, shown by Echo and Clone Force 99. This opening crawl ties into this theme very well and also offers wise advice.

People should not be shunned because they are different. Rex didn’t just leave Echo because he had turned into a sharing machine, he still loved his brother and encouraged him to join Clone Force 99 where he felt he belonged. People should not be criticized or looked down upon for who they are, for their differences, and this simple quote conveys that message.

keep moving forward

“Never give up hope, no matter how dark things seem.”

The ending of Season 5, in which Ahsoka is accused of murder and leaves the Jedi Order, is one of the most heartbreaking stories to come in. Star Wars but is full of important lessons, including this one.

Ahsoka, no matter what happened, no matter what others believed, no matter how much she was abandoned by Jedi not named Anakin, she never gave up. She knew her truth and fought for it, even when the situation was utterly hopeless. It’s a great inspirational quote for both the audience and the characters, and ties in beautifully with Ahsoka’s story – and it also does a lot to improve Anakin’s demise in the prequel trilogy.

Loyalty is earned

“The first step to loyalty is trust.”

The Umbara Arch is one of The Clone Wars best stories, not only for the incredible action and story, but also for the exploration of clones that the public offers, and how it delves into their individuality. The arc and the show in general greatly enhance the prequel trilogy with their look at the clones

This opening quote ties in well with that, because just because they’re soldiers bred for war doesn’t mean they aren’t humans, and it doesn’t mean they should have blind allegiances to those who treat them like numbers, like Krell. As anyone would expect, trust comes before loyalty, and trust has to be earned, as Anakin, Ahsoka, Obi-Wan, Plo Koon, etc. did with their troops.

The value of the truth

“Truth enlightens the mind, but will not always bring happiness to your heart.”

Commander Havoc talks to two shinies in Star Wars The Clone Wars on Kamino

When a traitor is among the clones in Anakin and Obi-Wan’s troop, friends and brothers must interrogate their own comrades to find the spy and save the mission. Betrayal of any level is terrible, but the loss of a friend is salt in a bleeding wound.

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There’s a saying that the truth isn’t always pretty, and this quote only extends the maxim to include the ramifications of learning it. Both the Jedi and the clones are sure to be wary of their company after this revelation.

Learning is earning

“A lesson learned is a lesson earned.”

Ahsoka Tano fighting

A better way to say this line might be, “a lesson learned is better than one told.” Whether that means learning from a mistake, consequences, or consequences, it’s one you can better keep and apply in the future.

After an encounter nearly kills Ahsoka and her troops, the young padawan learns the risks of a reckless attack. Learning from her mistakes, she can defend herself against Cad Bane and his minions in one of the bounty hunter’s best episodes.

It’s important to put pride aside sometimes

“Sometimes accepting help is harder than offering it.”

This is a nugget of Jedi wisdom that applies to almost everyone across the board, regardless of the planet they call home. As powerful and respected as Master Luminara is, she is still prone to danger when outnumbered by zombified Geonotians.

Needing help isn’t a sign of weakness, but it’s not always easy to give in when it’s needed. Going after one enemy agent may seem easy for a Jedi, but when the numbers are stacked against them massively, it may be time to equalize the odds with reinforcements.

Choosing the right path, no matter the difficulty

“Easy isn’t always easy.”

Ahsoka Blue Lightsabers in Clone Wars Season 7

A better expression might be “the easy way is not always the right way”, but the meaning remains the same. When Ahsoka’s lightsaber is stolen by a pickpocket on Coruscant, she is given a choice: either tell her master that her most valuable tool has been lost, or take action and find it herself.

It would be easy to admit defeat and face those consequences, but it would be easier to keep her honor intact by going after the thief herself. It certainly wins her favor with Master Yoda at the end.

learn from the past

“Ignore the past and you endanger the future.”

Duchess Satine Kryze Clone Wars

History repeats itself, as the saying goes, and Duchess Satine learns that Mandalorians are very hard to defeat. Even with Master Kenobi’s help, she still falls prey to an old foe.

Until now, viewers have learned to learn from past mistakes and to accept help when needed, and now the Duchess must learn that those who don’t learn from history are destined to repeat it. Her continued neutrality turns out to be a mistake, even after hearing the plot between the Mandalorians and the Separatists.

A crucial trick for survival

“Adaptation is the key to survival.”

Ahsoka in Star Wars The Clone Wars Season 7 Episode 11

Improvise, adapt, conquer, these are skills that Ahsoka Tano proves in the episode ‘The Citadel’. While the young Jedi and her team of troopers must infiltrate an Imperial prison to rescue General Piel, they all have to think when they get trapped in the titular fortress.

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Learn fast or die is the message in this quote, and while that may seem a bit abrasive to Jedi wisdom, it’s true. After all, a Jedi must be prepared for all outcomes.

No one is born bad

“Evil is not born, it is learned.”

Anakin Skywalker Clone Wars Season 7

Clone Wars episode aside, this can be said of every villain in or out of the Star Wars universe. Does anyone really choose to be bad? The short answer is no, but it all comes down to their choices and environment.

The quote above clearly refers to the rise of Darth Vader and how tragic Anakin is, but even characters like Voldemort, Scar and Loki haven’t found their path of evil – at first. Not only is the phrase a warning, but it reinforces the idea that not everything is so black and white.

Struggle makes people stronger

“Only by fire is a strong sword forged.”

Gungans are ready to fight the droids

Winston Churchill once said, “If you’re going through hell, keep going.” As fire makes the sword, so battle improves a great army. While Riff Tamson gets an impressive number of droid soldiers, there’s a reason the Great Gungan Army bears its namesake.

Wars aren’t won by numbers alone, and the battle in the episode “Gungan Attack” definitely has the water in its grip. Simply put, battle makes people stronger, and even an army of battle droids can fall for frogmen.

Respect both the past and the future

“Learn from the past, but live for the future.”

There is something very ‘Hakuna Matata’ about this sentence. To take a page from Timon: “You must put your past behind you.”

Much of the wisdom from these explorations is about learning from the past, but there’s nothing wrong with living for tomorrow, either. Dwelling on the past can blind one to the future, and since Jedi has to tune in to both, it’s not good to fixate on what’s gone before.

How to have a true faith?

“Faith is not a matter of choice, but of conviction.”

If there is one thing that perfectly expresses belief in the Force or the divine, it is this quote here. Acceptance is a choice, but faith goes beyond that.

Trusting the Force is not just accepting by the will alone, it is knowing that it is the energy and element that binds the universe together. All in all, it comes down to realizing that there is something bigger than just yourself.

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