Pokémon TikTok shows how creepy Gastly would be in real life

The latest TikTok video from a talented Pokemon fan recreates the ghostly Ghastly in live-action, showing just how scary the Ghost Pokémon can be.

Gastly is already one of the creepiest pokemon around, and a new TikTok video shows how scary the ghost creature would look like in live-action. Players were first introduced to Gastly as part of a trio of Ghost Pokémon that inhabited the ghostly Pokémon Tower of Lavender Town in the original. Pokémon Red & Blue in 1996, and while there have been plenty of other (and far more terrifying) Ghost Pokémon since then, Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar are well remembered as the first ghostly ghosts in the otherwise light-hearted pokemon franchisee.

As such, fans have created a lot of art around the Gastly-Haunter-Gengar line, from Gengar’s eerie clay sculptures carved out of his own pokemon trading card as a demon summoned from one’s darkest nightmare into surprisingly well-crafted 3D latte art. One sculptor in particular rediscovered the ghostly Pokémon trio in a disturbingly photorealistic style, showing how nightmarish Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar would be in real life. While Gengar did make a live-action appearance in 2019 Detective Pikachu film, Gastly and Haunter were absent – some wondered what these sweet ghosts would look like in a more lifelike medium.


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TikTok user therevival recently posted a chilling pokemon fan video detailing an unlucky Pokémon Trainer’s encounter with a photo-realistic CGI Gastly, as reported by Dexerto† This short but terrifying clip is shown from a first-person perspective as the trainer tries to sneak past the Gastly to collect a drink in a dark and foreboding mansion, but is ambushed by the floating ghost from behind. Therevival has gone viral for a few of their others pokemon TikTok videos featuring equally realized versions of classic creatures such as Metapod, Onyx, and the infamous virtual Pokémon Porygon. However, their recent Gastly video is particularly noteworthy for its eerie found-footage-esque atmosphere and sudden shock at the end.

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Pokemon Ghastly TikTok Video

The pokemon franchise has been riding pretty high in recent years thanks to 2021’s pokemon 25e anniversary celebrations and the recent release of Pokemon Legends: Arceus on the Nintendo Switch. The latest entry in the long-running pokemon series has received much credit for shaking up Nintendo’s tried-and-true monster feud formula in many interesting ways — namely, allowing players to explore an open-world environment filled with wild Pokémon that can attack them in the blink of an eye. Players have already shared terrifying encounters with some of these wild Pokémon, and the reveal trailer for Pokemon Legends: Arceus’ version of Zoroark and Zorua had a slight horror movie feel, not unlike therevival’s Gastly video.

The Lavender Town Ghost pokemon trio was already pretty creepy considering their connections to the city’s surprisingly dark backstory, and Therevivial’s new Gastly video brings the ghostly collectible beast to life in an appropriately chilling way. Even the bravest Pokémon Trainer would probably think twice before attempting to pick up items that are lying around Gastly’s haunted domain.

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Source: therevival/TikTok (via Dexerto

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