Geoffrey sentenced to 18 years for assault

Geoffrey Paschal’s 90-day fiancé has been sentenced to 18 years in prison. He was convicted of assaulting his former fiancée, Kristen Wilson.

90 day fiance alum Geoffrey Paschel was sentenced Thursday to 18 years in prison for crimes he committed in 2019. According to a post from the Knox County District Attorney’s office in October, he was convicted of aggravated kidnapping, domestic violence and interference with emergency calls. Geoffrey, who is also an actor (often in crime shows), became a reality star when he pursued his long-distance relationship with Russian girlfriend Varya Malina. Varya eventually moved to the United States and has shown steadfast support for Geoffrey throughout his legal troubles.

Geoffrey was already charged with this conviction prior to his debut in season 4 of the franchise. When asked why he chose to participate, despite the investigation his impending lawsuit was sure to throw off, he took to Instagram to respond, saying in part: “Well guys, it’s MY past. It’s my life. It’s MY choice. If we were all the same: thinking the same thing, looking the same, or doing the same thing, how stupid would that be?“He also declared his innocence” The sun say, “I can assure you that if any of these fables were true, I would bow and take responsibilityMany fans called for Geoffrey’s resignation from the show.


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In contact reports that the reality star has been sentenced to 18 years in prison for his assault on former fiancé Kristen Wilson. The prosecutor’s report describes the incident: Paschel grabbed the victim by the neck and banged her head against the wall several times. She too was thrown to the ground and dragged along. Paschel took the victim’s cell phone and did not allow her to leave the residence. The victim fled to a neighbor’s house after Paschel fell asleep. Wilson described the experience in her own graphic terms, “He dragged me around the house by my hair and kept throwing my body against walls and furniture. I know this because of blood on my walls, furniture, etc.

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Geoffrey, who admitted to Varya that he had a number of drug-related legal issues in the past, took the stand in his own defense, claiming that both he and Wilson were drunk at the time and that she had inflicted the wounds on herself. Prior to the start of the trial, he had claimed that he “100% categorically innocentThe jury did not believe his version of events and he was found guilty. Geoffrey was reportedly in tears as he pleaded for a lenient sentence. Varya, whose latest Instagram post her gleefully picks out Geoffrey’s outfit for the sentencing, was swept away by some viewers for the light of the situation.

Intimate partner violence is never acceptable and Geoffrey learns first hand the consequences of this behavior. Unfortunately, it seems that he is not going to take responsibility for his actions. With her love interest behind bars for 18 years, fans are eager to know if Varya’s devotion to her 90 day fiance will stand the test of time or whether she decides to move on.

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Source: The Sun, In Touch

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