Does Bloodborne PS1 Demake Remake The Full Game?

Bloodborne PSX is an incredible demake, designed to make Bloodborne look and feel like an original PlayStation game, but only mimic parts of it.

A fan project has taken place bloodborne and redesigned it as a game released for the original PlayStation. Blooborne PSX is the most committed type of tribute, but with just a single developer and a handful of other contributors, it doesn’t seem feasible to recreate the entire game. Lilith Walther’s project has been in the works for a while, but the bloodborne demake is finally finished and playable on PC, and even includes some original additions.

bloodborne PSX is primarily a retro recreation of Central Yharnam, the first major area of ​​the original game. Players similarly wake up at Iosefka’s clinic on the night of the hunt after a blood transfusion and receive mysterious instructions,”Find the Pale blood to transcend the huntThe demake covers all of Central Yharnam right down to Father Gascoigne, including the battle with the Cleric Beast boss and surrounding sub-regions such as the Central Yharnam Sewers. While the demake is pretty faithful, there are a handful of artistic liberties in level design, such as multiple flaming boulders replacing the single being rolled over the bridge near Father Gascoigne’s boss arena.


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Also remade the demake bloodborne‘s Hunter’s Dream, a hub world where players level up and upgrade their gear. The Hunter’s Dream has been similarly reworked to support Bloodborne PSX‘s smaller scale. The entire game does everything it can to mimic an original PlayStation game, including FPS caps, dithering, and simulated CRT effects such as a glare on the rounded corner of the non-existent screen. The settings menu is also quite robust for a fan project, allowing players to customize their experience to some degree, but Walther’s most impressive achievement is creating a whole new endgame area for Bloodborne PSX.

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Bloodborne PSX has original bonus content

Vader Gascoigne’s boss fight is the furthest players can reach through the bloodborne conspiracy, but Walther made sure Bloodborne PSX has its own endgame. The completion time of Bloodborne PSX is therefore much shorter than how long it takes to beat Soulsborne games, but the new area gives it an interesting and new finale. Once Gascoigne is defeated and players return to the Hunter’s Dream, they will find that all lamps in Central Yharnam are inactive, except for one – the new lamp at Oedon’s grave.

Central Yharnam will now be filled with new enemies, including White Lanterns, usually found in the original bloodborneNightmare sections. Players will have to find their way back to the first Central Yharnam Lamp, where the door to Gilbert’s Estate has been knocked down, allowing access to Bloodborne PSXthe new area. Gilbert’s Estate has multiple levels and ends in a new boss fight which is the actual end of Bloodborne PSX. The PS1 Demake of bloodborne may only feature a recreation of a few areas, but it’s still an impressive feat for its single developer, and it even has some interesting new content for fans.

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