Every Spider-Man Movie and Cartoon Series, Ranked (according to IMDb)

Friendly neighborhood Spider-Man isn’t just the world’s most popular superhero. In fact, he is also one of the most beloved fictional characters ever created. As expected, the Marvel Comics web-slinging hero has had numerous on-screen adaptations over the years, and among his contemporaries, he probably has the most number of adaptations yet.

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In television, there have been very few years in which a Spider-Man animated series has not aired since its first iteration in 1967. On the big screen, Spider-Man has seen three different live-action images and one mega crossover. animated film (with many sequels in the wings). Fans of the web garland have given their take on every Spidey story on IMDb, ranking them from worst to best.

Updated February 1, 2022, by Shawn S. Lealos: Spider-Man has been in some of the highest grossing movies in recent years thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. All of this culminated in his most recent film, which came out in 2021, the biggest blockbuster in two years.

Spider-Man: No Way Home offered fans the biggest treat they could hope for, with many praying that Marvel and Sony will bring even more Spider-Man movies in the future.


18 Spidey and His Amazing Friends (2021) – 6.1

Spider-Man, Miles and Gwen in Spidey and His Amazing Friends.

A new Spider-Man animated series hit in 2021, and unfortunately it didn’t come close to the level of the cartoons that came before it. In Spidey and his amazing friends, the animation looked like Marvel was targeting the same fans as Teen Titans go!

There’s only one season so far and it’s still in full swing. This series features Spider-Man, Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen and they team up with other heroes to defeat its villains. Although it has a low IMDb rating, fans admitted that the series is great for little kids, with good life lessons, which is perfect for the Disney Jr. location.

17 Spider Man (2017-) – 6.2

Disney XD Marvel's Spider-Man Animated Series

At the time of writing, this is the most recent animated outing for Spider-Man. This sees a major crossover of Spidey characters with Spider-Man, Spider-Man II, Spider-Gwen, and Spider-Girl. Other Marvel characters have also appeared, including the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy.

It airs on Disney XD and despite a rather robust cast, Spider Man has not been as well received as many of its predecessors. There’s just nothing special about it, except that it probably has the most number of Marvel characters in a Spider-Man adaptation yet.


16 Spider Man 3 (2007) – 6.2

Spider Man 3 poster

the division Spider Man 3 is the final installment in Tobey Maguire’s trilogy. It also ranks the lowest of any live-action Spider Man movie.

However, some fans who dislike the trilogy’s abrupt finale may be clouded by popular perception, such as: Spider Man 3 isn’t nearly as bad as some people say, and has aged better in the eyes of some fans than the following Andrew Garfield movies.

15 Spider Man Unlimited (1999) – 6.4

Spider-Man Unlimited Costume Cartoon Animated

Spider Man Unlimited was a very short-lived Fox Kids animated series that never really stood a chance, even if it had the interesting premise of taking Spider-Man to an alternate reality.

The show never took off and was canceled as soon as it came out, leaving little impression on Peter Parker’s future.

14 The Amazing Spider Man 2 (2014) – 6.6

Due to an unusually negative reception and disappointing cash register numbers, The Amazing Spider Man 2 turned out to be the last of the Andrew Garfield movies and one of the messiest Spider-Man movies.

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However, its huge cast of talented actors ensured that parts of it have always had their fans, such as Dane DeHaan’s take on Harry Osborn and Green Goblin from the Garfield era.

13 The Amazing Spider Man (2012) – 6.9

The first movie starring Garfield was Sony’s first reboot of the property: The Amazing Spider-Man.

It was interesting for many fans to see a different interpretation of the same hero (and Emma Stone made a great Gwen Stacy), but most have always ranked it lower than the Raimi-era flagship film.

12 Spider-Man: The New Animated Series (2003) – 7.0

Spider-Man: The New Animated Series wasn’t met very ceremonially, but it’s remembered for trying to bring in crossover elements that the MCU would later perfect.

Neil Patrick Harris’ Spider-Man (based on the Tobey Maguire version from the 2002 film) even met the 2003 Kingpin daredevil movie. That has some merit!

11 Ultimate Spider-Man (2012-2017) – 7.2

Ultimate Spider Man is known for having Drake Bell from Drake and Jos fame lends his voice talents to this Spidey series. Not only that, but this is one of the longest running Marvel shows of all time!

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However, Ultimate Spider Man wasn’t Peter Parker’s best-loved portrayal, but it’s notable because it’s quite similar to the comics it was based on. In fact, many of the series’ arcs have notes from some of the comics’ best series.

10 Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends (1981-1983) – 7.2

1981 was a weird time to be a Spider-Man fan as it exploded onto the small screen after being out of the air since 1967. Dan Gilvezan played Spider-Man in all three seasons of this cartoon.

Here, Spider-Man interacted a lot with other beloved Marvel properties, such as Thor and the X-Men, and even teamed up with Iceman and Firestar. At the time, this was Marvel’s biggest crossover, so ’80s fans would be in awe of Avengers: Infinity War.

9 Spider Man (2002) – 7.3

Spider Man 2002

The highest placed entrant from Sam Raimi’s trilogy is actually the very first: the revolutionary from 2002 Spider Man.

With Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst and James Franco, Spider Man changed both the superhero genre and movies in general forever. The moments when Peter swung through Manhattan remain undeniably iconic in the minds of fans.

8 Spider Man 2 (2004) – 7.4

Many consider Spider Man 2 to become Peter Parker’s greatest cinematic adaptation ever. But no IMDb users. According to the votes, it’s not even the best of the Tobey trilogy!

However, sequences in the film, such as the backdrop of Doctor Octopus and the runaway train carriage, should support this film higher. In the eyes of many fans, it deserves more than first place.

7 Spider Man (1967-1970) – 7.4

The first animated image of Spider-Man came from the 1960s animated series, which reappeared in Into the Spider-Verse as Earth-67.

This version of Peter Parker was brought to life by the vocal talents of Paul Soles. Not only does it have the definitive Spidey theme song, it also generated a ton of memes. As goofy and campy as the show is, there’s no denying that they’ve helped Spidey become entrenched in pop culture.

6 Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) – 7.4

After the end of Maguire’s trilogy and Garfield’s two films, Sony and Marvel Studios teamed up to bring Peter Parker into the MCU. Tom Holland’s version of Peter Parker was introduced in Captain America: Civil War.

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Fans immediately felt a kinship with him and flocked to Spider-Man: Homecoming. Holland bridged the gap between versatile superpowers and nerdy clumsiness. Plus, Michael Keaton’s Vulture is an all-time great villain.

5 Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019) – 7.4

Dutch solo sequel to Avengers: Endgame, Spider-Man: Far From Home delivered the goods for longtime fans of both the MCU and Spider-Man on the big screen.

His battles against Mysterio were part of what made Far from home so exciting. The real gold of the film, however, came from Peter’s European flirtation with MJ (Zendaya) and the surprising return of J. Jonah Jameson (JK Simmons).

4 The Spectacular Spider-Man (2008-2009) – 8.3

Josh Keaton took on the animated reign of Spider-Man in this series, which lasted only two seasons. However, it has been said to be one of the best Spider-Man adaptations ever.

Many were quick to praise the innovative art style and forward-thinking ethos behind the show. Even TV Guide ranked it as one of the best animated series ever made, regardless of the superhero action!

3 Spider-Man: The Animated Series (1994-1998) – 8.4

According to IMDb, the best animated series Spider-Man has ever starred in is: Spider-Man: The Animated Series, a cornerstone of the 1990s.

This version saw Christopher Daniel Barnes as Peter Parker, with Hank Azaria, Mark Hamill and Edward Asner in the cast. No animated series went deeper into Peter’s psyche than this one.

2 Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse (2018) – 8.4

Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse Movie Review

According to a staggering number of votes on IMDb, the best animated Spider-Man outing ever made is the movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

The Phil Lord and Chris Miller epic starred Miles Morales (Shameik Moore) as the wallcrawler, who got help from Peter Parker (Jake Johnson), Gwen Stacy (Hailee Steinfeld), Spider-Man Noir (Nicolas Cage), Peter Porker (John Mulaney), and more. It’s excitingly innovative and a reminder of how remarkable animation can be.

1 Spider Man: No Way Home (2021) – 8.7

Spider-Man fights against Green Goblin in No Way Home.

The highest-rated Spider-Man movie to ever hit theaters in 2021, and the score isn’t likely to drop anytime soon. This was Spider-Man: No Way Home and it did the impossible. The film helped finalize the storylines for all three Spider-Man live-action franchises.

It also featured another Marvel hero in Doctor Strange and set up his next film, while bringing the masses to theaters for the first time in nearly two years. Reviews were high across the board, and it not only ended up as the highest-rated Spider-Man movie on IMDb, but also became the third-highest-grossing MCU movie of all time.

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