The Most Disturbing Green Lantern Is Born In Shocking DC Twist

A DC Comics villain has just become one of the most terrifying Green Lanterns ever in a surprising Dark Knights of Steel twist.

Warning! Spoilers for Dark Knights of Steel #4 by DC Comics below

The most terrifying Green Lantern is revealed in a DC Comics world of swords and sorcery: The Joker, but with a serious twist. In Dark Knights of Steel #4 by DC Comics, readers learn that Lex Luthor was transformed into the “Cruel Joker” and became one of the deadliest villains in all the realms. The deranged Green Lantern/Joker was responsible for the deaths of Martha and Thomas Wayne.

In Dark Knights of Steel #4 from DC Comics, the story is set in a fantasy world where superheroes meet Game of Thrones. Heroes and villains rule several houses as a prophecy unfolds about the arrival of Jor-El, Lara-El and Kal-El. In the comic, Batman is Queen Martha’s bastard son, protecting the El family from the most dangerous magical threats in the realm. Meanwhile, Kal-El is the heir apparent. However, in a big twist, Bruce Wayne is revealed to be the son of Martha Wayne and Jor-El, and their affair means the hero has a claim to the throne. However, the Green Man’s troops killed Jor-El after the reveal – and in a new edition of the limited series, the villain finally reveals himself.


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In Dark Knights of Steel #4 by Tom Taylor, Bengal, Arif Prianto, Wes Abbott and Yasmine Putri, the comic shows what happened after the arrival of Jor-El and Lara-El on Earth. The mighty Kryptonians quickly realize that a volcano is about to erupt and potentially destroy the nearby kingdom, and give Waynes a warning by writing down plans on how to divert the lava and handing it over to their advisor Lex Luthor. . However, Luthor burns the note, causing the Jor-El and Kal-El to reveal themselves to the world to avert the eruption. Thereafter, the Waynes stripped Luthor of his title and name. Later in his exile, he would encounter a giant green rock (kryptonite), which turned him into a twisted green lantern/joker hybrid.

The twisted Joker/Green Lantern hybrid is responsible for countless deaths in the lives of Kal-El and Bruce. Lex Luthor took revenge on the Waynes and Els with his newfound powers, killing Martha and Thomas with a fiery green blast. The Green Man also gave Oliver Queen a kryptonite arrow to kill Jor-El.

Both Kal-El and Bat-Prince are seemingly vulnerable to the Green Man’s attacks, meaning taking down the Joker/Green Lantern villain will be their biggest challenge yet. Lex Luthor becoming the Green Man is a great twist that combines numerous parts of DC lore. Dark Knights of Steel #4 from DC Comics is now in stores.

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