Dying Light 2 Extreme Nights Mod Adds More Zombies And Longer Nights

A fan-made Dying Light 2 mod called Extreme Nights ups the game’s ante by adding even more zombies, doubling the game’s night time, and more.

A Dying light 2 mud has their . released Extreme nights mod that adds more zombies and longer nights to the game. The sequel to 2015 Extinguishing light was released last week on February 4 after a slew of issues during Dying Light 2s development caused it to be delayed from its original launch window of early 2020. The cloud version of the game for Nintendo Switch, which was intended to release simultaneously with other platforms, was also delayed until sometime in 2022.

Dying light 2The development issues and the long-delayed release date seem to have finally been resolved for developer Techland. From a larger map and a focus on story choices, to more parkour moves and a move to a full-fledged action RPG, the differences between the original and the sequel are quite significant. All the work Techland has put into it has resulted in mostly positive reviews for Dying light 2. The game’s combat and massive open world seem to be where the game has received the most praise.


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Mud UD24 (via GameRant) has the latest version of their . published Extreme nights mod for Dying light 2. Made first for the original Extinguishing light, the new version of the mod only makes a few simple but significant changes to the game. First, the Extreme nights V2 – The Return of the King mod doubles the night of the game and halves the day. It then doubles the density of zombie crowds at night, while also significantly increasing the number of zombies that spawn when a Howler is alerted. Installing the mod is quite easy, it just takes a single file to be placed in one of the game’s folders.

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UD24s Extreme nights mod makes Dying light 2It’s already dangerous at night, which will take up most of your playing time when the mod is activated, a much more challenging experience than it already is. Aside from the fact that the game’s zombies become more active and dangerous at night, players must also keep up with their immunity timers and use the game’s array of gear and consumables to keep them from spinning and dying. Players may also encounter GRE anomalies at night, special boss-type zombies. On the other hand, players can get the best rewards and loot at night.

Players looking to raise the bar should definitely consider installing the fan-made Dying Light 2 Extreme Nights mod. It’s a simple yet effective mod that adds an extra level of difficulty to the game as they try to advance Dying light 2many hours of gameplay.

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Dying Light 2: Stay Human is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: UD42/Nexus Mods (via GameRant)

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