Signs Ben wants to be in Season 3 of Single Life

It’s hard for viewers to believe anything about Ben and Mahogany’s story, and it could be because Ben just wants to join The Single Life next season.

on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 DaysBen Rathbun is still looking for mahogany, but his journey feels unfair, and he may be angling for another 90 day fiance show. It seems that Ben has ulterior motives for being on the show that go beyond just boosting his modeling career. There are several signs that indicate that Ben has set his sights on 90 days: the single life season 3, and due to rumors that the spin-off has already started production on the next season, Ben may have already been bugged.

After spending most of his life in a strict religious environment, this season Ben is trying to follow his heart, which he believes lies with his Peruvian love Mahogany. But fans have little sympathy for Ben. There are huge red flags with mahogany and it’s frustrating for Ben’s friends, family and viewers that he doesn’t see them. Recently, Ben arrived in Peru, although Mahogany sent out signals that she didn’t want to meet him. However, many fans have become suspicious of whether Ben and Mahogany’s story is real or if it is just as fake as Mahogany’s filters.


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It’s pretty hard for viewers to believe that Ben fell for Mahogany’s obvious catfish scam, as Ben has revealed that he was catfishing in an almost identical way before. Obviously he must be familiar with the warning signs, but like fellow franchise star David Murphey, Ben showed up in Peru without a plan, wandering like a John Travolta Pulp Fiction meme. But unlike David, who seemed really clueless, Ben’s actions feel staged. Ben has admitted that producers contacted him first about joining the franchise, and it appears his storyline is largely made up.

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So the question remains, why did Ben agree to do the show? If his motives really aren’t to find love with mahogany, then he must have other goals in mind. Some fans suspect he’s trying to get more exposure for his fitness model career, but there are other opportunities for cast members once they get their foot in the franchise door. Ed Brown’s now-fiance Liz Woods can attest to the benefits of appearing on The single life, and that could also be Ben’s endgame. Ben has already started commenting on which others 90 day fiance franchise stars he’s attracted to, and it looks like he could be fishing for a Season 3 storyline.

if The single life is really Ben’s ultimate goal, the 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days star doesn’t hide it well. Fan suspicions continue to grow and it’s starting to feel like none of Ben’s stories are real. Even if Ben makes it to season 3, interest in his story will be low, with most viewers hoping Ben turns out to be a permanent cast member.

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