What the Scottish villain actually said to Nathan from Tom Holland

Here’s a translation of what the Scottish henchman says to Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake in Ruben Fleischer’s highly anticipated Uncharted movie.

Warning: This post contains slight spoilers for not mapped

Ruben Fleischer’s not mapped movie features a Scottish henchman threatening Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake, confusing both the character and much of the audience, but what exactly is he saying? It’s been a long and arduous journey that didn’t really feel over until the release of the first not mapped trailer. Based on Naughty Dog’s video game franchise of the same name, the film has been in various stages of development since the mid-2000s when the first game was released and became an instant hit. It wasn’t until Fleischer joined in early 2020 that things really took off.


Fleischer is known for getting problems of Sony Pictures projects out of development hell, through production and onto screens in a relatively short time; he recently did that with venomZombieland: Double Tapand now not mapped† While fans of the video games may have expected an outright adaptation, Sony’s not mapped film tells an origin story for young Nathan Drake, now played by Holland instead of Mark Wahlberg, who was originally cast in the role in the 2010s but now plays Sully. It is absolutely based on the not mapped games, and feels more like a video game movie than most adaptations because of its structure, but the story also has a freshness to it.

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not mapped introduces the world to Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake and Sully, who are engaged in a mission that takes them around the world against a growing band of villains, including Antonio Banderas’ nefarious millionaire. One of those villains was introduced in the not mapped The trailer’s final scene, in which Drake came face to face with a Scottish henchman, played by Steven Waddington (who is billed only as The Scotsman, but is referred to as “Scotty” by his boss in the film). The Scottish henchman’s accent is made fun of at several points in the film, with his first encounter with the Dutch hero sparking the joke because Nathan Drake couldn’t understand his strong Scottish accent. The villain says “You shouldnae have come out to play with the big boys weaned cos you’re about to get a real Scottish welcome.” The translation is just the kind of threat that henchmen always trade, which amounts to “you made a terrible mistake and you will regret it

Uncharted Trailer Scottish Guy

Directly translated, not mapped‘s Scottish henchman says: “You shouldn’t have come out to play with the big boys, young kid/little one (“wean” generally means young child, and is derived from “wee one”) because you are about to have a real Scottish welcome.” The scene plays out like a joke, mainly because of Nathan’s reaction and that at the end of the… not mapped trailer, but there’s some truth in it at the meta level. Holland’s casting as Nathan received some criticism because game fans were not interested in an original story. This comment builds on that by naming Nathan Drake as young and, in some cases, out of his depth. A “true Scottish welcome” capitalizes on the idea that Caledonian characters are generally tough, though a detail suggests Scotty isn’t from a typical “rough” area.

Waddington’s Scottish villain appears throughout the film, even as other villains rise and fall, and is very strongly portrayed as a formidable figure. His last line in the film is a confusing “for Hibernian!”, almost like a battle cry. The confusing thing there, of course, is that “Hibernian” refers to the Irish, but this usage presumably refers to the football team Scotty supports – Hibernian FC from Edinburgh, where he is supposed to come from. The club is located apparently very close to his heart when they occupy that important place in his priorities.

At that point, Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake has grown into a more recognizable version of the character, even picking up the gun holster that he’s known to carry in the games. This first not mapped movie is undoubtedly an origin story in every way as Nathan Drake learns from Sully and gets used to his way of life. It won’t take until Uncharted 2 (or later, if sequels are made) that Nathan Drake will turn into the character fans know from Naughty Dog’s not mapped series.

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  • Uncharted (2022)Release date: February 18, 2022

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