The Most Charming Celebs Around the World

The world is full of stunningly beautiful people who are constantly talked about and written about in magazines. Some of them are handsome athletes popular among 22Bet bettors, others are famous actors and singers. These men will fascinate people from both groups. 

Prince William

A charming young man with a shy smile, at an early age he became a public favorite, and now he is a prime example of what a true gentleman and man should look like. Prince William has many achievements under his belt, including the army, a trip to Africa and South America as well as charitable foundations previously supported by his mother Princess Diana. Besides, he is a responsible patron of Centrepoint, an organization that helps homeless youth and participates in the Tusk Trust program dedicated to the preservation of African wildlife. It’s no wonder he’s at the top of the list. One can only envy his charm, charisma and stamina.

Noah Mills

After starting his career in 2003, Mills moved on to work for a number of fashion companies, most notably Wilhelmina Models, with whom he began his modeling life. In 2004, Mills debuted as a runway model for Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent fall collections in Milan and Paris and was the perfect “acquisition” for Versace, Michael Kors and, of course, Dolce & Gabbana, with whom he signed a contract in early 2005. In 2009 Mills appeared in a Dolce & Gabbana Anthology naked fragrance campaign with a number of other famous models including Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell and Tyson Ballou. In 2010, he appeared in Sex and the City 2. On top of all that, Mills became one of Lacoste’s models, starring in a “new look” campaign under the new slogan “unconventional chic.” The ad was shot by Mert and Marcus, showing models wearing the iconic white Lacoste polo shirts worn over fancy black evening wear. 

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Godfrey Gao

Taiwan is a country that hardly gets serious attention in terms of movie stars. However, that does not mean that there are no handsome men in this part of the world. Godfrey Gao belongs to just that category. Godfrey was born in Taipei, Taiwan. His family moved to Vancouver, Canada when he was only nine years old, where he grew up. Gao attended Capilano University in Vancouver, after college he returned to Taiwan and planned to become a professional basketball player, but became a model and took a number of advertising jobs and magazine photos that paved the way for his performing career. One of the most popular and adored actors by many, Godfrey Gao has long had a reputation as the most beautiful man in his country and beyond. He continues to work in TV shows and movies and is an extremely popular star in Taiwan and around the world. 

Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau is a man who one hundred percent needs no introduction. The Canadian prime minister is probably the most handsome prime minister this country has ever had. Justin spent his early years in the spotlight as the son of famed Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. After college, he worked as a teacher for several years before entering politics. He was first elected to the Canadian Parliament in 2008, and in 2013, Trudeau became leader of the Liberal Party. He and his party won an impressive victory in 2015, when Trudeau became the country’s second youngest prime minister. He is adored all over the world, not only by the ladies, but also by men. Thanks to his super-stylish looks and great concern for vulnerable segments of society, he continues to win hearts around the world, becoming the only politician to make the list of most handsome men.

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