Top 3 Lawsuits Involving Celebrities 


From the outside, it may seem as if celebrities are almost free. They can afford to live a life of pleasure, they’re not limited by the time frame of the working day, they are free to choose with whom and on what terms to cooperate. For the most part, this is true, however, any labor relations, as a rule, are backed by contracts, and not all celebrities carry them out properly. At the same time, companies incur losses which are greater than jackpots at 22Bet, and often initiate lawsuits. 

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Unexpectedly, it turns out that rebellious Meghan Markle and Prince Harry aren’t in too much of a hurry to fulfill the terms of their contract, under which they’ve already received a pretty decent amount of money. Back in 2020, the Dukes of Sussex signed a contract with the famous streaming platform Spotify. According to the terms, the couple were to produce podcasts, for which they immediately received an advance payment of 18 million euros. However, something went wrong, and to date, users have been able to hear only one program with the celebrity couple. 

Rita Ora

The British singer, songwriter and actress decided in 2015 to sue the company with which she cooperated at the time. In her opinion, the producers of Roc Nation stopped paying proper attention to her and as if they lost interest in her at all, while actively continuing to work with other performers. The company’s representatives immediately filed a counterclaim, arguing that the singer had to pay a penalty for refusing to record new studio albums, thereby violating the terms of her contract. By the time the appeal to the court should have been released five albums by Rita Ora, but the light saw only one. However, after a year of hearings, both suits were withdrawn. 

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Lady Gaga

The role of Lady Gaga implies aggressiveness on stage, but as it turned out, the outrageous behavior extended to people far beyond the concert stage. In 2001, the singer’s assistant Jennifer O’Neill decided to sue the singer for $380,000. At the time, she had worked for the star for over a year and claimed in a press statement that Gaga was openly exploiting her.

According to Jennifer, she worked 7,168 hours of overtime in 13 months of service, which is why she filed a lawsuit to be paid what was due to her.  Gaga denied all the facts, and eventually the conflict was quickly settled even before the first hearing.

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