Tales Of The Walking Dead Adds Cowboy Bebop’s Daniella Pineda To Cast

The Tales of the Walking Dead cast list continues to grow as Daniella Pineda, of Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop, is added to the Walking Dead spin-off.

Cowboy BebopDaniella Pineda’s is the most recent addition to the Stories of the Walking Dead form. This series is the latest spin-off added to the Walking Dead franchise. The living Dead is a post-apocalyptic series about a group of survivors led by Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) after he awakens from a coma a month after the world is overrun by walkers (zombies). It is based on a comic book series of the same name that ended in 2019. This apocalyptic horror will follow in the footsteps of the comic when it completes its 11-season run later this year, leaving behind several spin-off shows and games based on the same comic series. .


Stories of the Walking Dead was announced in 2020, with slow development since then. It will be an anthology series, exploring new and old characters and telling hitherto untold stories from around the world. Walking Dead TV franchise. It is even suggested that some episodes may revolve around previously deceased characters. Executive producer of The living DeadScott M. Gimple, has been very open when discussing the future of the series, teasing animated and musical episodes.

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According to VarietyPineda has just been added to the cast list for Stories of the Walking Dead† Pineda is best known for her most recent performance as Faye Valentine in Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop amendment. Exactly who she will play has not been disclosed at this time, similar to every previous casting announcement for the series, with character-specific details all kept a secret. It’s also unclear at this point whether these characters will appear in the same episode or separately.

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Walking Dead All walkers are not treated equally

Gimple suggested that the genre would change depending on the episode, ranging from pure horror to black comedy, and this cast seems to reflect that. The current cast list has gathered several comedic actors, including: Brooklyn 99’s Terry Crews, 22 Jump Streets Jillian Bell, and the iCarly reboot Poppy Liu. By contrast, Parker Posey (Lost in space) and Anthony Edwards (er) have both appeared in much more intense dramas. Pineda has used many styles ranging from vampire horror (the originals) to chaotic comedy (Cowboy Bebop† Faye Valentine seemed to have violent tendencies in Pineda’s portrayal, keeping the actor well prepared for all the battles she’ll inevitably be forced into in a zombie apocalypse.

The makers of Stories of the Walking Dead have gathered an obscure list of actors and themes to explore as their summer 2022 release date approaches. This highlights their new take on this mostly gritty genre featured in the franchise. With so many different adaptations following a very similar dramatic genre and structure, it will be interesting to see how the Stories of the Walking Dead writers are about breaking this mold.

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Source: Variety

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