Every Character Revealed in the Disney Speedstorm Trailer

Fans of titles like Nintendo’s Mario Kart series have something new to look forward to this summer as Asphalt developer Gameloft announces their Disney and Pixar based racing game, Disney Speedstorm, which promises to be packed with plenty of Disney and Pixar characters. The game has been described as a combat-oriented arcade experience, and it will support both online and split-screen cross-platform multiplayer when released in mid-2022. It has currently been confirmed to be coming to Nintendo Switch and PC, with more consoles to be announced in the future. In addition to a selection of racetracks inspired by classic Disney films and franchises, some familiar characters have been confirmed to be playable thanks to Disney Speedstormthe reveal trailer.


The trailer was released as part of the February 2022 Nintendo Direct presentation, the first Nintendo Direct of the year. It was roughly 40 minutes long and crammed from top to bottom with new game reveals, trailers, and gameplay footage of upcoming titles and Switch ports. Other big news was a wide release date for: Splatoon 3Valve’s announcement Portal: Companion Collectionand the release of both earthbound and Earthbound start on Nintendo Switch Online.

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Snippets of gameplay were shown during Disney Speedstorm‘s trailer, showcasing each character’s unique abilities on the track, as well as some of the settings and characters already confirmed. Additionally, Disney Speedstorm will largely revolve around seasonal content, just like Fortnite or Halo InfiniteMultiplayer seasons and new additions to the game will be added with each subsequent release. Future players can already pre-register on the official Disney Speedstorm website to get early access to development updates and other sneak peeks.

Mickey Mouse Is Disney Speedstorm’s Most Predictable Racer

Every Character Revealed in Disney Speedstorm Trailer Mickey Mouse

Perhaps the most surprising character in the Disney Speedstorm is the company’s own mascot, Mickey Mouse. Mickey was a playable character in dozens of Disney-based video games, and it seems only fitting that he would be one of the first confirmed racers in the upcoming arcade game. His car gets some time in the trailer spotlight, covered in red-and-yellow decals to match its iconic color scheme. He also gets the chance to show off his fighting skills, as he did before in Disney’s Epic Mickey franchise ten years ago. One of his skills is that he performs magic like a scene from Disney’s Fantasycreating a wave of devastating effects along the track behind him.

Donald Duck is Disney Speedstorm’s other classic character

Every Character Revealed in Disney Speedstorm Trailer Donald Duck

It’s hard to find Mickey without at least one other classic Disney character around, and in Disney Speedstorm that character happens to be Donald Duck. While the trailer doesn’t show much of his abilities, like every other character in the game, he’ll have his own unique abilities that players will need to master. It can also be leveled alongside Disney Speedstorm‘s other playable characters, and some of the stats in the Nintendo Direct include Top Speed, Acceleration, Handling, Boost and Defense.

Sulley is the Pixar representation of Disney Speedstorm

Every Character Revealed in Disney Speedstorm Trailer Sulley

As of the trailer released during February’s Nintendo Direct, only one Pixar character has been explicitly confirmed as a playable character in Disney Speedstormand it’s Sulley from Monster’s Inc† He has the ability to unleash a powerful roar that knocks opponents caught within his radius into the air, potentially costing them valuable seconds in the race. One design choice that is interesting to note is the fact that Sulley is wearing a brand new outfit for Disney Speedstormand in the trailer, he can be seen in a pretty standard racing jumpsuit with his name on the back.

Jack Sparrow gets animation for Disney Speedstorm

The only live-action character Disney fans will be able to spot in the Disney Speedstorm trailer is Jack Sparrow from the pirates of the caribbean franchise, previously seen on Nintendo Switch in the Kingdom Hearts trilogy. In Disney SpeedstormHowever, he has been given an animated appearance that is more in line with the other playable racers. He has been animated in the same way in previous games such as Disney Infinity, so the change isn’t necessarily surprising. One of his abilities is also featured in the Nintendo Direct trailer, and he can be seen wearing glowing green swords around his head, presumably taking out any opponents that come his way.

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The game’s website does state that knowing how to handle each racer’s skills isn’t enough to guarantee victory. The precise timing of nitro boosts and cornering are both strategies that can also make the difference between winning and losing. Like many other popular racing games like Forza Horizon 5players need to know how to best interact with each area of Disney Speedstormindividual tracks if they want to take first place.

Mulan is one of the princesses of Disney Speedstorm

Every Character Revealed in the Disney Speedstorm Trailer Mulan

As one of the more experienced fighters in the official Disney Princess lineup, Mulan has appeared in everything from Kingdom Hearts 2 nasty Disney Wizard Arena and Disney Heroes: Battle Mode† Now it looks like she’s joining other iconic characters as a Disney Speedstorm racer. Her car, the Dragon Flame, is apparently named after her Disney’s sidekick Mushu Mulan film, and her combat prowess includes setting off fireworks along the track.

Disney Speedstorm’s other big racer is the beast

While he doesn’t appear often in the Nintendo Direct spotlight, The Beast can be spotted in silhouette in the Disney Speedstorm release trailer. The fact that both Beast and Sulley are included as playable characters indicates that: Disney SpeedstormThe game’s developers don’t consider only human characters when building the game’s roster, and in the future, even bigger racers or smaller additions like Chip and Dale may be added as the game’s seasons progress. .

Belle appears to appear in the Disney Speedstorm trailer

Every Character Revealed in Disney Speedstorm Trailer Belle

While also not officially confirmed, one of the characters was spotted in the background of the Disney Speedstorm announcement trailer bears an uncanny resemblance to Belle, perhaps making her second Beauty and the Beast character in the game. Her addition to the race roster shouldn’t come as much of a surprise as she has appeared as a fighter in the Disney Mirrorverse mobile action RPG, and it’s quite likely she won’t be the last Disney princess to appear in Disney Speedstormeither, given the popularity of the franchise.

These aren’t the only characters coming to the game, of course, and the full starting lineup will likely be announced in the coming months. Disney Speedstormthe summer release. After all, there are quite a few unidentifiable racers rushing along in the background of various gameplay shots. For now, at least Disney fans and racing game enthusiasts have a chance to comb through the trailer looking for details they may have missed.

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