Super Hero focuses on Gohan & Piccolo, says producer

Series producer Akio Iyoku says the upcoming movie, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, will focus on master-disciple duo Gohan and Piccolo.

Series producer Akio Iyoku says: Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will focus on Gohan and Piccolo. Goku and Chi-Chi’s half-breed Saiyan son, Gohan, was first introduced in Dragon Ball Z† After Goku’s battle with Raditz, and the first stint of the first, Other World, Gohan was trained by Goku’s former nemesis Piccolo, who became an unexpected father figure. As Gohan continued to break down his latent potential – from Super Saiyan 2 to Ultimate/Mystic – he was poised to usurp his father as the strongest Z fighter. Nevertheless, Dragon Ball Super once again sidelined Gohan, making Goku and Vegeta the primary focus of the series.


for most of SuperGohan slacked off and relied on his outdated Super Saiyan transformations instead of his superior, ultimate form while fighting. It wasn’t until just before the Tournament of Power that Gohan regained his ultimate form while training with Piccolo. After the anime hit the pause button, the manga continued to focus on Goku and Vegeta at the expense of Gohan. Promotional material for the upcoming movie, superheromeans that Gohan and Piccolo will play an important role in the battle against the newest androids of the Red Ribbon Army, Gamma 1 and Gamma 2.

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On Twitter, DBSChronicles translated a statement from Akio Iyoku at the Toei Lineup presentation in Japan on Feb. 3. According to the producer, superhero will mainly focus on Gohan and Piccolo. Check out the tweet below:

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There has been a lot of talk about Gohan’s power level in superhero† At the end of SuperGohan made a conscious decision to aim for a form separate from his Saiyan heritage – which is why he didn’t use Super Saiyan in the Tournament of Power. superherothe story takes place a few years later Dragon Ball Super: BrolyPan is now three years old and Gohan probably trained with Piccolo as evidenced by the Namekian garb. That said, many fans have been eyeing Gohan’s decision to enter Super Saiyan 2 superherotrailer as betrayal Super‘s seemingly redeeming foreshadowing. Merchandise has since revealed that Gohan will also use his Ultimate form, which will presumably be more powerful than ever.

Iyoku also explained superhero‘s title was chosen to convey the idea that “everybody [on Earth] is a hero.” By focusing on one of Dragon Ballthe most loved relationships, superhero should see Gohan reach new heights. Iyoku previously teased that there would be more animated Dragon Ball releases this year by the way superhero† Fans have long speculated that the Super anime will return, after the ongoing manga series. superherowhich takes place after the manga’s current arc, is slated for April 22 in Japan. While the film’s producers have promised to copy it as soon as possible, it remains to be seen when the film will make its way to the United States.

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Source: DBSChronicles/Twitter

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