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What is a handicap index?

What is a handicap index

Do you want to know what is a handicap index? Well, for starters it is not anything related to do with the differently-abled; it is a common terminology in golf. It indicates a system incorporated into the USGA or the…

6 Wonderful Facts about Verizon & AT &T


AT&T and Verizon are the two leading names in the US mobile industry. Both At&T and Verizon started as successors to the original Bell system after the government break-up in 1984. Since then, At&T and Verizon have grown and excelled…

How Do I Switch to CenturyLink?

Switch to CenturyLink

Imagine this: You move to a new city and you go for the service provider that your neighbors have recommended. However, two to three months later, you are horribly dissatisfied with the internet service you are getting. Not only do…