sophia cook

sophia cook

Indian clothing for bridesmaid


Introduction Whether you’re planning a traditional Indian wedding or something more modern, it’s important to get the right look for your bridesmaids. The best part about Indian weddings is that there are so many options when it comes to picking…

6 Wonderful Facts about Verizon & AT &T


AT&T and Verizon are the two leading names in the US mobile industry. Both At&T and Verizon started as successors to the original Bell system after the government break-up in 1984. Since then, At&T and Verizon have grown and excelled…

10 Fun Dating Ideas for New Young Couples


Let’s face it, finding a date may be just as difficult as finding someone to meet in the first case. You need date ideas that are as exciting and special as your relationship. Finding date ideas may be challenging if…

Top Advantages Of Living in Pune Flats


For many years, Baner has been renowned for “Varkari” Parampara and Bhakti Aradhana. Baner is bounded to the south by Pashan, to the west by Balewadi, to the north by Aundh, and to the east by Pune University. Large areas…

Diameter & Radius of Circle


When you are having a biscuit or a cookie have you wondered if it is the circle in shape? The clock hanging on your wall, the cap of a bottle, the bangles worn by your mom, the ring that is…