Wordle 240: February 14, 2022 Answer

The February 14 Wordle answer was particularly difficult to guess if players did not use the correct starting word. Here are some tips that may help.

February 14th wordle answer was a little harder to guess because a letter was used in two different places. Ever since wordle don’t let players know that a letter is used in two places, it becomes very confusing for players to guess the correct answer. Players can guess today’s wordle answer is less than six tries or less if they use some of our hints. wordle challenges players to guess the correct five letter word that changes every 24 hours and tests their vocabulary. The only hint players get is when a box with a letter changes its color to yellow or green.


Understanding wordle‘s rules are quite simple, as it lets players decide which letters to use for their next attempt. Each time a word is used, the game responds by changing the color of boxes of letters. For example, if the color of a box has changed to yellow, it means that the letter is used in the wordle answer; however, it is used in the wrong place. However, if the color of a box turns green, it means that the letter in question is used in today’s answer and is in the correct place.

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Players can share today’s progress wordle Reply with other players on social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook. Players can click the “Share” button to copy a set of color-coded emojis and their number of attempts to the clipboard. Once copied, the text and emojis can be shared on social media websites. What’s nice is that these color boxes and text don’t spoil the current time wordle answer for others and can be easily understood by players who know how wordle to work.

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Wordle’s February 14, 2022 (#240) Hints & Answers

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Some players like to get a few hints for today wordle answer to guess the word with some more information. That’s why we’ve provided a few hints below that resemble crossword puzzles that can help players guess the current one. wordle answer:

  • Tip 1: A word used to describe people who are motivated purely by self-interest
  • Tip 2: Selfish and dishonest in a way that shows no concern about treating other people fairly
  • Tip 3: When people doubt an outcome

Wordle 240 Answer (February 14)

The wordle answer for February 14 is: CYNIC† for today wordle answer, we used “CRAZY” to start things. The first attempt revealed that one letter was used in the wordle answer; however, it was in the wrong place. It also revealed that one letter was indeed used in the correct place. Then we used the word ‘CYSTS’, revealing an extra letter in the right place. Finally, on our third attempt, we used the word “CANNY,” which indicates that another letter is used. Once we knew the three letter boxes turned green, we could easily guess today’s wordle answer “CYNICAL.”

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