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Content Warning: The following article contains spoilers for the Netflix series All of Us Are Dead.

Despite the terrifying zombies and harsh conditions, the characters in Netflix’s we are all dead, some of them still do incredibly brave things to help others. While these often leave them vulnerable or even kill them, they help others make the most of their day in the gruesome streets of Hyosan.

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The best things the characters do in the series are almost always selfless acts meant to ensure the well-being of others. With these good-hearted characters putting themselves in danger for their friends, it’s not surprising that their brave actions often result in heartwarming or tear-jerking scenes that fans will remember long after they’ve finished watching the show.


Oh Joon-yeong: kept his promise and sacrificed himself

Oh Joon-Yeong Looks Serious in All of Us Are Dead

Joon-yeong may not be one of the bravest characters in at first we are all dead, but he shows that he is capable of incredible fearlessness and selflessness in the face of death. After being bitten at the gym as the group struggles to fend off the zombies, his fear of the situation seems to disappear.

He has a moment of clarity as he looks around and realizes that he promised to take responsibility should his design for the device fail. It’s almost too painful to watch his friends try to stop him from climbing up to him to distract the zombies and then pulling them away from the others as they escape.

Nam So-ju: saved his daughter

Nam So-ju hugs someone in All of Us Are Dead

The saddest thing about So-ju’s death is that fans know how hard he has worked to be reunited with his daughter. He escapes from a well-guarded camp, survives countless bullets, swims through a river and walks the perilous streets of Hyosan to find and rescue On-jo.

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Their heartwarming reunion is shockingly cut short when So-ju decides to distract a group of zombies to protect his daughter and her friends. The way his storyline is cut so abruptly shows how anyone could die at any moment if zombies are involved. His death also underlines how On-jo’s father will do everything to protect her.

Song Jae-ik: brought the message across the laptop

we are all dead

Jae-ik’s unwavering determination to get the message across the laptop and help the authorities stop the zombie outbreak is impressive to say the least. Contrary to his companion’s cowardly demeanor, he looks even braver as he fights on and escapes hordes of zombies.

Sure, delivering the message may have been Jae-ik’s best act in the series yet, but he’s done a few other selfless things along the way. He saves a young girl and a baby, as well as a dumb influencer, even though he knows saving them jeopardizes his mission.

Nam On-jo: Made an improvised toilet

Park Ji-Hoo We are all dead

When fans reflect on On-jo’s actions throughout the first season, they may realize that despite being one of the brightest characters in we are all deadshe does nothing particularly brave or remarkable.

She often mourns the deaths of others and can sometimes encourage the likes of Su-hyeok and Nam-ra, but none of these things significantly affected the survival of the group. Perhaps the student’s most notable move is her initiative to create a makeshift bathroom in the transmitting room. It’s a small act of kindness compared to other viewers on the show, but an altruistic affair nonetheless.

Jang Ha-ri: saved her brother

ha seung-ri we are all dead

Despite Mi-jin’s comments about her brother possibly being undead, Ha-ri is hopeful and keeps looking for a long time. Her perfect timing wouldn’t have been possible had she given up and gone to the woods much earlier than Woo-jin’s group.

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Ha-ri’s tough entrance is an unforgettable scene as she skillfully rescues two characters who would otherwise have been eaten by zombies. Her brother immediately knows it is her when he sees the arrow that saves his life. It’s touching that he ends up giving his own to save hers too.

Lee Su-hyeok: Defended Nam-ra

Su-hyeok comforts an ailing Nam-ra in All of Us Are Dead.

When the rest of the group sees that Nam-ra has a bite wound on her wrist, they immediately want to throw her out. Su-hyeok, who is currently in love with her, bravely defends her, insisting that Gwi-nam was definitely alive when he bit her.

It is clear that Su-hyeok would have used his fighting skills to protect Nam-ra from the other students if he ever had to. His insistence on keeping her in the group helps Nam-ra form deeper bonds with her newfound friends, which proves invaluable when she rescues them from Gwi-nam later on on the show.

Lee Cheong-san: Sacrificed Himself So His Friends Could Escape

It’s easy to see why Cheong-san is a fan favorite. His love for On-jo motivates him to do risky things to protect and encourage her, such as when he goes last while the rest of the group climbs to a lower floor, just to make sure On-jo doesn’t. left behind .

His boldest move comes when the students become trapped on the side of an unfinished building, unable to escape the inevitable bombs. After a heartbreaking final conversation with On-jo, he fearlessly rushes into the building and lures Gwi-nam and a slew of mindless zombies away from his friends. It’s one of those deaths that viewers refuse to believe because they want to see the endearing character alive and well in the next season.

Park Mi-jin: Joon-Soong not left behind

Ha-ri and Mi-jin on the toilet in All of Us Are Dead.

The funny dynamic between Mi-jin and Joon-soong is an underrated one in the series. It’s funny to watch the tough Mi-jin ridicule the cowardly Joon-soong every time, especially since fans know she really cares about her friend.

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Joon-soong brings out Mi-jin’s brave and compassionate side, as if she’s teasing him but never leaving him behind. Despite an injury that would delay the group, Mi-jin insists on carrying him and risking her own life to take him – he probably would have died much sooner without her. Unsurprisingly, Joon-soong eventually saves Mi-jin, and he does so willingly and fearlessly.

Yang Dae-su: stayed behind in the music room

Dae-su and other students hold a barrier in the music room in All of Us Are Dead.

Dae-su may be a funny character, but when it comes down to it, he will do whatever it takes to protect his friends. Fans get a glimpse of the talented singer’s more heroic side as they pile up the music room with furniture before luring in a horde of zombies. The students begin to escape one by one after realizing that they have bitten off more than they could chew.

Dae-su is the last person to leave the room, and if Cheong-san hadn’t intervened, he probably would have held back the barrier of furniture for as long as humanly possible. Fans probably had to breathe a sigh of relief when they realized this wouldn’t be Dae-su’s demise in the series, at least not yet.

Choi Nam-ra: left the group

Nam-ra is a smart student, so she immediately understands that she could be a danger to the rest of the group. Without Su-hyeok around to convince her, she probably would have just left once she turned a halfbie.

The risk she poses is always on her mind, which turns out to be a good thing for her friends. She stops herself from killing On-jo before making the difficult decision to leave. Despite finding true friendship (and love) for the first time, she chooses to distance herself from the other students for her own safety. Fans will hopefully see more of her and her campfires in future episodes.

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