The 10 Best TV Shows to Watch on Disney+ (Updated February 2022)

This is a golden age for content creation and many of the streamers currently vying for customers have worked very hard to make sure they have enough material to make a subscription worth it. Disney+ is leading the way, constantly producing new series and giving new seasons to existing ones, to ensure there is something for everyone hungry for something new to binge on.

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Updated on February 6, 2022 by Guillermo Kurten: The Disney+ TV catalog continues to grow on top of the solid amount of content released on the streamer in recent months. Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm have premiered their most recent IP giants, but otherwise there’s been a lot of Celeberinfo.


A series of interesting documentary series has also been released recently, featuring some colorful celebrities exploring natural phenomena around the world. Likewise, there have been behind-the-scenes documentary specials on the makings of some of Disney’s biggest blockbuster releases.

The Book of Boba Fett (Episode 6, 7)

Boba Fett in his suit sitting on his throne

After the beloved legacy character made his triumphant return in The Mandalorian Season 2, legendary bounty hunter Boba Fett gets his share of the limelight. Fans will see the last two episodes of Boba Fett’s book this month.

With the fifth episode taking a detour to tell Din Djarin’s next story, there’s sure to be plenty of speculation about how Fett’s story will end. There has been some criticism of the show’s slow pace with so little runtime to work with, but fans are still eager to see possible surprise character appearances in Boba Fett’s book.

hawk eye

Kate Bishop and Clint Barton aim their bows at Hawkeye

The last episode of hawk eye ended in December, and now is a great time for those who haven’t caught up with the latest Phase Four series to binge it at their pace. While the finale ended rushed and messy to some extent, the show did a great job introducing Hailee Steinfeld’s charming version of Kate Bishop and her entertaining dynamic with Avengers veteran Clint Barton.

And while his last-minute appearance amid the chaos was admittedly disappointing, the reintroduction of one of Daredevil’s strongest villains into the MCU is fueling excitement for the future.

The World According to Jeff (Season 2, Part 2)

Jeff Goldblum in promo art for his docuseries surrounded by the objects and animals he explores in his docuseries

Jeff Goldblum has become a fan favorite actor over the past three decades thanks to his wonderfully eccentric personality and performances. He is one of the actors best known in their movies for playing charming, exaggerated versions of themselves.

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In Disney+ and National Geographics The World According to Jeff Goldblum, the actor brings that charm to a docuseries that peels back the layers of scientific marvels — with a hefty dose of Goldblum’s kind of humor. The Jurassic Park icon’s docuseries had the second part of season 2 released in January.

Welcome to Earth

Will Smith in a promo poster for Welcome to Earth

As with the Jeff Goldblum-led docuseries, Will Smith injects his respective brand of endearing personality into Welcome to Earth. It’s a new collaboration between the streamer and National Geographic and has proven to be a strong entry in Disney+’s catalog of documentaries.

In this limited series, the approach is more like a grand world travel adventure that explores various natural wonders, from volcanoes to wildlife migration. The documentary was made available in one go and featured six episodes, each dealing with a different scientific phenomenon.

Marvel Studios Assembled: The Making Of Eternals

Logo for Marvel Studios Assembled's ongoing docuseries

Although Marvel Studios’ Eternals The film was released to mixed reception, at least it has seen a spike in viewership since it was added to Disney+’s vast catalog. It was criticized for its reliance on character development exposition, but director Chloé Zhao showed the characters a promise for the future, including the Black Knight.

With the film performing better on the service, fans can also look forward to the latest edition of Marvel Studios Assembled to take a look behind the scenes at the production of Eternals. This last episode will be released on February 16.

Sub-Zero Life: Northern Areas

Promo still for Life Below Zero with a dog sled group driving through the snow of Northern Canada

One of National Geographic’s best documentary series of 2020 has recently made its way to Disney+. Sub-Zero Life: Northern Areas explores the lives of different groups of people living in the debilitating and cold regions of Northern Canada.

As the series progresses through their day-to-day lives in this off-the-grid lifestyle, it also features the experiences of First Nations people in these eco-friendly — and potentially punishing — locations. This docuseries is the most recent to be added to Nat Geo’s larger collection Life below zero documentaries on Disney+.

Marvel Studios Assembled: The Making Of Hawkeye

Split image of the Assembled and Hawkeye promo art, featuring Kate, Clint and Lucky the Pizza Dog

With the above hawk eye in its entirety on streaming, fans can also look forward to the latest version of Marvel Studios Assembled. The Making of Hawkeye The ongoing behind-the-scenes documentary specials edition brings co-stars Hailee Steinfeld and Jeremy Renner for an in-depth look at the production of the MCU show.

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Fans can also see Academy Award nominees Vera Farmiga (Eleanor Bishop) and Florence Pugh (Yelena Belova), as well as the series’ producers on how they came together to turn Kate Bishop’s Hawkeye from the comics into live-action . The episode has been on Disney+ since January 19.

The proud family: louder and prouder

The proud family Louder and prouder artwork

Young fans who grew up with Disney Channel’s animated series The proud family can tune in at the end of February for an extra dose of nostalgia on the streaming service. The reboot/revival series The proud family: louder and prouder take the original cast of characters and place them in a modern setting as they navigate their lives in the 2020s.

As the family adjusts to their life in Smithville and returns to TV on Disney+ on February 23, it’s sure to be a great opportunity for new families too.

Called To The Wild (Season 1)

Promo of a survival expert and his canine buddy with a view of the forest in which they must survive

The close partnership between Disney and Nat Geo continues to complement their documentary catalog, as the first season of the latter’s documentary series Called to the Wilderness was recently added to the service. This series has a fascinating premise as it explores how humans and dogs have grown to help each other brave the harsh conditions of different wildernesses.

Called to the Wilderness takes several survival experts, each with their respective professional backgrounds, to remote locations with their companion dogs. For 10 days, each human/dog team makes do with what they have on hand to survive through the dense forest in which they find themselves.

Disney Insider (Episode 11)

Split image of the Disney Insider logo and a shot of Boba Fett's Black Series figure

for fervent Star Wars watching fans Boba Fett’s bookepisode 11 of Disney Insider will be fun to watch. One of the focuses of this episode is how the creation of the latest line of Star Wars: The Black Series collectible action figures came to be.

They have been a fan favorite for collectors for decades, and this episode serves as a prelude of sorts by highlighting the latest line of Boba Fett figures. The episode takes the audience to Lucasfilm’s headquarters and Hasbro’s global headquarters to see the production of the figures.

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