MCU: 10 Alien Species Ranked By Galactic Influence

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has really only scratched the surface when it comes to the depth of characters and species that the wider galaxy boasts in the comics. Fans of the source material will recognize some of the famous planets and people on screen, and each introduced thus far plays a vital role in the infrastructure of the cosmos.

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These species have a huge influence on the larger galaxy as a whole and have shown themselves to be both keen allies and dangerous threats to Terra, Midgard or as humans know it, Earth. However, where do these MCU aliens come from and why are they so important?



From a military point of view, the Kree of Hala are a force to be reckoned with. While their war with the Skrulls has largely left them enjoying victory, their other galactic prospects have led to an expansion of their territory and a massive upgrade to their infrastructure.

Led by Supreme Intelligence, the Kree’s influence is far-reaching across the galaxy and even through time itself. A constant in the MCU is that the Kree continue to pose a threat to most civilized locations, with the indoctrination of their populations becoming a key factor in their long-term control.


The Skrulls have been trapped in a constant cycle of war for years, as their battle against the Kree further weakens their society. While this is a species on the run from Skrullos, their influence is much wider than perhaps previously thought, and it’s possible that since the events of Captain Marvel they have managed to restore some of their previous reputations.

The ability to shape-shift is such an essential tactic in their continued expansion. The Skrulls could have a mole within every major government in the cosmos. Considering that notable Marvel heroes could be revealed as Skrulls in secret invasion, their true influence is likely to be discovered in a sinister way.


The Chitauri are largely pawns in the games of other civilizations. They have mainly been used by Thanos as an army to take over large parts of the cosmos. They are worthy warriors with impressive technology and a penchant for following orders mercilessly.

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But by enslaving so many planets, they too have acquired a distinct reputation and, consequently, influence in multiple galactic systems. The Chitauri are to be feared, and with Thanos gone, there’s no telling how those on Chitauri Prime will handle this power vacuum. However, it is unclear how many of the species were wiped out by the Infinity Gauntlet.


The Sovereign

The Sovereign enjoy their own perfection. It is clearly an intelligent species with almost unlimited resources. Their wealth has fueled their arrogance as they travel the universe as if they were royalty, expanding their wave of control over countless galaxies.

It is unclear whether they are invading weaker worlds, but their military prowess indicates that they are certainly ready to defend their interests by force. They are recognized as a society of superiority, although part of that may be the projection of their golden image rather than any real brilliance within their people.


Eternals Gemma Chan Sersi

The Eternals were a species specially designed to protect worlds until the celestial beings were born from their core. There are perhaps very few roles in the universe that have as much influence or effect on reality itself as what the Eternals had to perform.

With their incredible abilities and insightful minds thanks to an eternity of experiences, the Eternals have left their post and are making a real difference. They will certainly become an even more important species as they shape the future of this fragment of the Multiverse.


Celestial beings live and die like any mortal, but they are so much more. They shape reality itself, creating and destroying worlds at their leisure and continuing to create balance throughout the timeline. Their numbers continue to grow and the immensity of both their mission and their scale is terrifying.

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When placed against a species, the Celestials will almost always come out on top. The Eternals are clearly about to test their might against their creators, but the Celestials have been around since the MCU’s birth. The influence of this species is built into the fabric of existence.


The Watchers have a really intriguing role to play in the makeup of the cosmos. They are doomed to never intervene and must watch the events of the Multiverse from afar. Their knowledge can be manipulated or used, meaning their own influence and resulting power is of epic proportions.

But if a Watcher intervened, like Uatu for example, the path of the timeline could take a very sudden and unexpected turn. The Watchers are on a different level compared to that of the Kree or even Eternals and provide a crucial service to reality itself.


Thor and Jane Foster walk together in Asgard.

Are they gods or a unique species where magic, myth and science intersect? Regardless of the answer, Asgard was the center of power for several worlds, as they kept the nine realms in order throughout Odin’s tenure as the Allfather.

With Thor passing King’s mantle to Valkyrie and the destruction of Asgard, the balance of power has shifted once again. The new Asgard is much smaller, but its reputation is said to have already been forged in the fight against Thanos. With new leadership and a modern direction, the Asgardians will once again play an important role in the galaxy.


eternal deviations

The Deviants are also created by the Celestials, but are some kind of violence. They were forged to try to rid the worlds of possible threats to the birth of new celestial bodies, but their independence created an adversary for the cosmic gods themselves.

The Eternals were partially designed to end their existence, but in doing so, the balance of the universe was shifted again. In their larger role, evolution and penchant for chaos, the Deviants have a massive influence over multiple worlds and pose a potential risk to the stability of the universe itself.


Xandar is the homeworld of the Xandarians and a center of power in the galaxy. It is known for its Nova Corps, which was the police force that kept the peace across thousands of worlds. The destruction of the planet has left a huge chasm in the fabric of the universe.

Before the loss of such a vital force, the Nova Corps managed to retreat against a number of significant threats, while the planet’s government engaged in several diplomatic missions. Captain Marvel’s next outing may demonstrate the impact of the loss of such a vital species.

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