Get Gold Rings That Are One of a Kind

A charismatic and classic piece- gold rings are a piece of jewellery have been loved forever and there are many reasons for it. This yellow metal is versatile and super easy to style, making it the top choice when looking for precious jewellery.

You can find an extensive collection of gold rings at Mia by Tanishq. The collection at Mia is truly one of a kind and you can find gold ring designs that you have never seen before. The designs range from simple gold bands to statement gold rings. 

Here are some gold rings from Mia’s collection that will make you drool!

U-Design Ring

Don’t you want to stand out in a world where everyone is wearing the same kind of jewellery? With this ring, you will always stand out. Inspired from the minimalist aesthetic, this gold ring looks elegant and sophisticated while also having a sense of uniqueness to it.

It is inspired by the shape of the letter U which gives it an edge over all other gold rings, another factor that makes this simple gold ring stand out is the rose gold detail. 

Rose Gold Quartz 

If you are someone who likes all the attention they can get, here’s a gold ring for you. This magnificent piece has a trilliant-cut quartz placed right in the centre along with twelve brilliant round cut diamonds placed in a Y-theme on the rose gold ring.

The rose gold frame brings the entire design come together and the ring exudes feminine energy like you’ve never seen before. 

Bloody Mary

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Continuing with the unique collection of Mia, here’s another one of their pieces that is super unique. The colour as well as the design of this gold ring are features that stand out.  The centrepiece is a cushion-cut purple stone surrounded by tiny pink stones for a dramatic effect.

The other end of this open-ended rose gold ring features a red stone that continues on the theme of Bloody Mary. If you have a dinner date with your partner, then this can be your go-to accessory. 

This rose gold ring can be styled for a chill date night look with a blue denim and a blush blouse. If you are dressing up, then this gold ring can be put on with a light brown skater dress to complete the fancy look.

How To Style Gold Rings?

Having a collection of gold rings sets a base that can help you style your jewellery in a fashionable manner. Depending on the design of your gold rings, they can be styled in different ways appropriate for the occasion.

If you are heading out for a weekend lunch with your girlfriends, you can put on some minimal gold rings for an elegant look. You can also try experimenting with new ways to style gold rings like stacking multiple rings together. 

For a fancy event, where you will be dolled up wearing a chunky gold ring that makes a statement should be the way to go. Putting on one piece of jewellery that has a striking design will make your whole look come alive.

Where To Shop From? 

Gold rings are a fairly common piece of jewellery so shopping for them is not that difficult. You can find gold rings of varying dimensions, thicknesses, designs, and sizes at almost any jewellery store. What you should look for is that the jeweller is credible and will give you good quality jewellery.

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You can shop for unique gold rings at Mia by Tanishq since it is a trusted and reliable jeweller that would give you the latest designs at the best possible price!

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