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Shapewear is fantastically popular trend right now! So for any fashion retailer it is important to have a range of quality shapewear in stock so that your customers can match the look of the latest trends in fashion. 

The idea of shapewear is nothing new. Women have worn figure flattering underwear and clothing for hundreds of years in order to get the look. Previously these were uncomfortable contraptions such as the lace up corset which was constructed from whalebone and came with a risk of injury to the wearer. Today good quality shapewear creates a perfect flawless style that is comfortable to wear and is easily affordable by everyone. 

So What Is Shapewear? 

Shapewear is underwear and clothing that provides support and definition so you can show off your best features. It is seamless so it provides an ultra smooth layer as a base for your clothes and because all shapewear is so supportive and comfortable, it is easy to wear. 

Many women find that once they start wearing shapewear, life gets much easier. We have all experienced the problem of visible underwear lines under our clothes. With shapewear this worry is eliminated. In its place is a comfortable sleek layer that gently smooths and lifts your body into its perfect shape. 

Shapewear is the secret celebrity beauty hack

If you are a fan of Instagram and wonder how those celebrities manage to look so good in their clothes, the answer is easy. They are all wearing shapewear! Shapewear is the only way to achieve that beautiful toned and sculpted body that we expect from our leading celebrities such as the Kardashians. 

When women wear shapewear, any unsightly lumps and imperfect areas are smoothed into sleek and sexy definition. In addition shapewear prevents seams, bra straps and visible pant line (VPL) from ruining the impact of the look. 

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Does wearing shapewear give you confidence? 

Wearing shapewear is empowering and gives the wearer confidence because you can relax knowing that wherever your day takes you, you will always look your best. 

Even better, wearing shapewear is so comfortable that many women wear it everyday as a foundation garment. 

If you are a retailer; providing the right range of good quality shapewear at the right price is the perfect way to keep your customers happy. Once women find a shapewear brand and style they like, they will return time and again to buy more. 


Different types of shapewear wholesale 

Shapewear comes in a wide range of styles and designs. WaistDear is a good quality brand that provides everything you need to satisfy your customers and all at fantastic prices. 


Wholesale Body Shapers

Wholesale body shapers  can be mixed and matched with your order. They are available in a wide choice of styles, sizes and colors. 

Check out the range.  You will find stunning body shape dresses that provide style contour and elegance. Easy and comfortable to wear these supportive dresses create the Wow factor that will always turn heads.

Alternatively check out the selection of supportive underwear and butt lifters.  These are ideal for everyday use and wearing with summer shorts or short skirts creating the ultimate definition to any summer look.

All in one body shapers are easy and comfortable to wear. There are some fantastic one piece bodysuits on offer that are perfect for creating an hourglass shape. Worn under your clothes they add style and confidence by helping to make the best of your natural attributes. 

When buying body shapers wholesale from WaistDear you have the freedom to mix and match designs and sizes as part of the same order. And with thousands of designs available this gives you the freedom to explore the range without the constraints of minimum order requirements on one style. 

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Waist trainers

Many people of all ages struggle with their waist size. Wearing a simple waist trainer creates an immediate slimming effect.  

Wholesale waist trainers with logo  are simple latex or neoprene bands that redefine and smooth the waist. 

A waist trainer provides a fantastic slimming effect in seconds and is an extremely popular line for any retailer. When you buy from WaistDear you can customize your waist trainers with your own logo brand. Choose from the wide range available. Ideal for men as well as women, the waist trainer offers support and control instantly creating a toned and lean look. 


Post surgery Shapewear

Post surgery Shapewear is a way for women to get back into shape following surgery. So whether you have had a breast reconstruction or another form of life changing surgery including gender correction you need to support and protect sensitive areas. Post surgery shapewear helps you heal faster with less discomfort. 

Whatever your type of surgery, wearing post surgery shapewear will help you get back to normal fast. 

What is the best way to buy wholesale shapewear online? 

When you are looking to buy wholesale shapewear online it is important to be confident in the company you choose. 

WaistDear is a reputable OEM company that ships all over the world and has been built upon long experience in the trade. The team of designers, top class manufacturing standards and fantastic customer service provides a service that cannot be beaten. This combined with great prices and discounts makes this company a great trading partner for any size of business. 


Buying wholesale shapewear for retailers

Retailers can benefit from buying wholesale with some great discounts. The more you buy the more you save and with fast delivery times you can be assured that your shapewear will be on your shelves within just a couple of weeks. 

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For retailers with a bricks and mortar outlet buying wholesale shapewear is a fantastically profitable option that leads to repeat customers. Customers can see and feel the great quality of the shapewear range and this is the best option for any business that operates on the High Street, shopping mall or market place. 


Drop shipping wholesale shapewear

Online businesses do not even need to buy wholesale shapewear in advance. You can create your own online business and leave it to the wholesaler to carry out the shipping on your behalf –a business practice known as drop shipping.

 The beauty of drop shipping is that WaistDear will ship to your customer direct within 24 hours so you do not need to buy stock in advance. In addition your customers have the complete range of shapewear to choose from. 

EBay, Amazon, Shopify, all types of social media are a fantastic marketplace for drop shipping. 

Your sales will be recorded as originating from you. Your orders can be customized with your own logo and packaging including washing instructions and the made in China tag. 

If you are new to the world of shapewear and drop shipping, WaistDear will help you identify the most popular 20 lines and offer you the support you need. 

For online retailers drop shipping is a risk free option that helps you maximize your profits. 

Embrace the growing trend of shapewear with WaistDear 

Investing in wholesale shapewear is an extremely profitable line of business. With WaistDear you have a wide selection of shapewear at your fingertips to suit all types of customer. And with great customer service, unbeatable prices and well made quality items direct from the factory customised with your label, now is a great time to get on board with the demand for shapewear.  

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