Ezra Miller hints at more Ben Affleck’s Batman after The Flash

Ezra Miller’s cryptic social media post has convinced fans that Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne/Batman will continue to appear in the DCEU after The Flash.

Ezra Miller’s latest social media activity may have suggested that Ben Affleck’s Batman will continue to appear in the DCEU after The flash. The pair will once again share the screen in Andy Muschietti’s upcoming Warner Bros. movie. However, if fans are right in their assumptions, it may not be their last.

After co-starring in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice LeagueAffleck reunites with Miller in The flash while reprising his role as Bruce Wayne/Batman. This is despite the fact that the actor has already formally left the DCEU. His departure motivated Warner Bros. to reboot the Caped Crusader with Robert Pattinson, who will be introduced in Matt Reeves’ the batter. However, Affleck may not offer his DC superhero role just yet, as Miller may have hinted. The flash will not be his last appearance as the Bat of Gotham on screen.


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Miller posted it to his official Instagram account, posting a screenshot of an article talking about Affleck’s final appearance as Batman in The flash. The actor then wrote about it with “HAHAHAas if they were mocking the news. Check it out below with the image courtesy of Twitter fan account, The Flash Movie News:

Click here to see the original message.

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It hasn’t been long since Miller also posted a cryptic video about the KKK, and so without any clear context from his last post, it’s best not to assume what it actually means. For what it’s worth, Affleck himself confirmed that The flash would be his last appearance as Batman, and popular theory suggests the character would actually die in the film. Instead, Michael Keaton’s Bat of Gotham, which will also be in The flash, will be the DCEU primary version of the iconic character. That said, there’s also the possibility that there’s been some new behind-the-scenes development that changed the fate of Affleck’s Batman in the franchise. If this is the case, fans of his version of the character would be very happy, especially since DC Films hasn’t been able to explore his story very well.

What could it mean for Pattinson’s Batman? Nothing noteworthy at the moment. The younger version of the Dark Knight exists in a different reality than the DCEU. This means that his story is exclusive to the older version of Affleck. Given the efforts of Warner Bros. and DC Films to establish their multiverse, however, it is possible that they will eventually intersect in the future. But that depends on whether Affleck really continues with his stint as the Caped Crusader afterward The flash.

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Source: Ezra Miller (The Flash Movie News/Twitter)

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