Celebrities with Gambling Addictions At Casinos

We hear a lot of stories online about celebrities who love to spend their huge fortune playing at casinos. There is also no hiding that the majority of them prefer poker and surprisingly, some of them are actually good at it. But Hollywood and casinos almost always walk hand in hand with each other. That is why we get so many stories about celebrities with gambling addictions. You will hear a lot of other names of your favorite movie stars who spend millions in Las Vegas or Florida. Is there a reason behind it? We will find out. So if you want to know whether an actor who played Spider-Man also likes gambling, continue reading. 

Gambling and How It Should Be Controlled

We will start by saying that celebrities rarely control their gambling addiction. Even if they try to be responsible, there are many options how to get around gamstop, metaphorically and practically. It is always your choice whether you want to continue gambling or see content about online casinos. Some Hollywood stars choose to avoid gamstop even if they play obsessively. But for many, gamstop would not be a terrible choice allowing them to control huge payments they receive from movie franchises and possibly even double what they have gained. However, with power also comes responsibility. So you can treat this article as an interesting piece that also reminds you that gambling should always be connected with being responsible and controlling your budget.

Harry Styles

We will start our list of famous celebrity gamblers with Harry Styles. This young singer has become a household name. Whether you know him for his solo albums or interesting fashion choices, you probably haven’t heard that he also likes casinos. Even though there are no reports saying that Harry Styles still goes to the casinos, there were quite a few stories about this when he was in the group called One Direction. We will not analyze whether he likes gambling because he is young and has a lot of money, but we will say that he does prefer land-based casinos in Nevada. 

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Ben Affleck

Another person on our list who hasn’t heard about gamstop is Batman himself, Ben Affleck. We not only like to watch movies with him, including Triple Frontier, but we also like thinking that he is one of us. He is definitely one of the biggest fans of gambling on our list. He played in a variety of different poker championships and actually won. He is said to gamble millions upon millions each time. Of course, not all reports are truthful and we have to realize that, but pictures speak louder than words. Therefore, we have added Ben Affleck to our list of famous gambling addicts. Funny enough, this actor often goes with his friends, that includes Matt Damon and Tobey Maguire who are also on our list.

Matt Damon

Since we mentioned my Demons before, we will continue with him. This famous actor is yet another fan of gambling. He specifically focuses on poker and is seen even today playing with his fellow stars. It is also quite ironic that he often plays people with a gambling addiction. Yes, funny enough, apart from playing a professional poker player, he is one in real life. He played a number of various protagonists who either cheated playing cards or lost a fortune and casino. We simply hold that he will not follow suit and do the same. Still, we are huge fans of this star and you are probably too.

Tobey Maguire

It seems like a lot of superheroes really enjoy gambling. We already talked about Batman himself and now it is time to talk about another Marvel star. No, it is not Tom Holland, but Tobey Maguire who used to play Spider-Man. He is yet another celebrity on our list who prefers poker. However, he is much more professional than his friends including Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. Those three were seen playing together on numerous occasions. Nevertheless, Tobey Maguire is actually a professional poker player. Besides, reports say that he’s been playing for almost 20 years and even before he started his career as an actor. Until this day, he:

  • Actively engages in gambling
  • Likes roulette
  • Plays poker
  • Spins even traditional slot machines.
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This is another version of Peter Parker that you haven’t seen.

Brad Pitt

Next on our list of famous compulsive gamblers is Brad Pitt. You have to be living under a rock not to hear about this famous actor. Nevertheless, he’s not only famous for playing our favorite characters, but also for spending money he received in casinos. It seems to be a tradition as Brad Pitt, like Tobey Maguire, Ben Affleck, and Matt Damon on our list also enjoys poker. There might be something quite intriguing about this game since so many A-list celebrities like it so much. We think it has to deal with the adrenaline rush and thrill they can receive after playing. Besides, if you have millions of dollars, why not spend them having fun and a good chance to walk away with even more money?

Paris Hilton

Last on our list of celebrity gamblers Is Paris Hilton. She is definitely famous for having a lot of fun with her friends, while gambling and playing. She is also seen often partying at the majority of high-scale casinos in Las Vegas. Used to be the time one Paris Hilton came to play almost every single weekend. Yes, it’s true, she may not be as famous as Brad Pitt or other people on our list. Nevertheless, she definitely knows how to have fun. Paris Hilton also breaks the tradition of our list. This celebrity is not actually the biggest fan of poker. She prefers games where you don’t actually need skills. She prefers testing her luck and all using classic land-based slot machines, roulette, and occasional blackjack.

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Final Thoughts on Celebrities and Casinos

We hope that by now you have realized that a number of your favorite actors and singers actually enjoy playing and gambling. Our list includes such famous celebrities and, apparently, poker players as Batman himself, Ben Affleck, Spider-Man, Tobey Maguire, and Matt Damon. However, we have also added Harry Styles who used to enjoy a number of different Las Vegas casinos when he was in One Direction. Last on our list was also Paris Hilton. She is an honorable mention that we included to prove that not also celebrities like poker. But, before we let you go, we also wanted to remind you to have fun, control your budget and always play responsibly.

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