10 Best Special Attackers in Pokémon, Ranked

Special moves are one of the ways Pokémon can deal damage to each other. They can come in the form of projectiles or long-range attacks, and they usually hit from a distance.

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For a special attack to be effective, a Pokémon simply needs to have a high special attack. These ten Pokémon have the highest special attack of all pocket monsters and deal a lot of damage.

10 Ultra Necrozma – 167

Ultra Necrozma in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Ultra Necrozma is known by many as every Nuzlocker’s worst nightmare as it has ended every Nuzlocke with its sheer power. The reason behind the Prism Pokemon’s dominance lies in its special attack, which has a base stat of 167.

Ultra Necrozma is the only Pokémon that can use Photon Geyser (which can also be a physical attack, depending on which attack stat is higher), and his Dragon type gives him an extra kick for Dragon Pulse. Some of the coverage options that Ultra Necrozma has are Solar Beam, Heat Wave, and Dark Pulse.

9 Mega Gengar – 170

Mega Gengar

Gengar is already a pretty strong (and cool) Ghost-type Pokémon, and a Mega Evolution makes this shadow Pokémon a force to be reckoned with. In addition to a showy 170 special attack stats, Mega Gengar also sees a much-needed boost to both defenses.

With a huge move pool, Mega Gengar can easily take out moves like Shadow Ball, Sludge Bomb, Thunderbolt, Focus Blast and many others. The fact that it can also defeat almost any Pokémon that opposes it is the proverbial icing on the cake.


8 White Kyurem – 170

White Kyurem

While Black Kyurem is more of a physical attacker, White Kyurem mainly focuses on the special attack side. His unique characterization gives him access to great STAB moves, such as Ice Beam and Draco Meteor. It even has access to Fusion Flare – Reshiram’s signature move.

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Whtie Kyurem not only inherits Reshiram’s signature move, but also gains his ability, Turboblaze. This allows White Kyurem to ignore certain Pokémon abilities, making it a perfectly viable Pokémon in most situations.

7 Hoopa untied – 170

Hoopa untethered

Hoopa Unbound is the alternate form of Hoopa, which Hoopa can transform into using a Prison Bottle. And while Hoopa Unbound has a physical attack of 160, his special attack is only ten points higher.

Hoopa Unbound has a Dark/Psychic character, which makes moves like Dark Pulse and Psychic much more powerful. Add to that a filthy conspiracy and Hoopa Unbound can easily crush the opposition and break even the most perfectly composed team of their own free will. A Hyperspace Fury wouldn’t even be necessary.

6 Xurkitree – 173


Xurkitree has the highest special attack of the Ultra Beasts, with a mind-boggling base of 173. A Beast Boost easily increases its special attack after a Pokémon is KO’ed, but one use of a Tail Glow can really boost Xurkitree’s already high special attacks to levels not intended to be reached.

In addition to Thunderbolt, Xurkitree can disable other moves such as Signal Beam, Energy Ball, and Dazzling Beam. While all those moves are quite modest, Xurkitree’s special attack can make them extremely powerful.

5 Mega Alakazam – 175

Mega Alakazam

Like Gengar, Alazakam is a special attacker who becomes more and more of a beast after mega evolution. It may still be weak on the physical defense side, but it can still beat anyone with its high speed.

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Mega Alakazam is a speedster that offers a lot of cover. Access to Shadow Ball can control Ghost-type Pokémon, while moves like Focus Blast, Signal Beam, and Dazzling Beam can control Dark-type Pokémon. Too bad Mega Alakazam doesn’t have anything for Bug-types.

4 Primal Kyogre – 180

Primal Kyogre

Primal Kyogre is somewhat of a mixed attacker, but his special attack is his highest stat. And his ability, Primordial Sea, is an enhanced version of Rain Dance, rendering any Fire-type attack useless.

Primal Kyogre is a Water-type Pokémon and can perform a wide Celeberinfo of Water-type moves. The signature move, Origin Pulse, is one of the more powerful moves in his arsenal. Water Sprout, Hydro Pump and Surf are all fantastic choices. If a Grass Primal Kyogre-type Pokémon is giving problems, an Ice Beam can put them out of their misery.

3 Mega Rayquaza – 180

Mega Rayquaza

Mega Rayquaza is an extremely balanced Pokémon, with a 180 in both physical and special attacks. It can knock out just about anyone with one Dragon Pulse, although a stat drop from the very powerful Draco Meteor would probably bite him pretty hard in the back.

Unfortunately, Mega Rayquaza doesn’t offer much when it comes to Flying-type moves. It only has one Flying-type special attack, in Air Slash, and while it has a 30 percent chance of opponents flinching, it only has a base power of 75. However, Mega Rayquaza has other moves such as Fire Blast, Blizzard, and HyperVoice.

2 Deoxys (attack form) – 180

Attack form Deoxys

Attack Forme Deoxys honestly won’t last long on the battlefield with its hideous defenses, but it doesn’t matter because this DNA Pokemon can hit hard. The Psycho Boost has a whopping 140 base power, although it lowers Deoxys’ special attack by two phases.

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If it doesn’t completely destroy Pokémon with Psycho Boost, Attack Forme Deoxys can dish out other moves, such as Flash Cannon, Grass Knot, or even Mirror Coat. Anyone who wants this form of Deoxys on their team better hope this Pokémon can get a few good licks before going down.

1 Mega Mewtwo Y – 194

Mega Mewtwo Y

Regular Mewtwo already has a ridiculously high special attack, which is second only to Xurkitree of all base form Pokémon. So what does the Mewtwonite Y do? Mega evolves the genetic Pokémon and increases its special attack to levels that may not be meant to be reached.

Mega Mewtwo Y has the highest special attack of any Pokémon, with a monstrous base stat of 194. The signature move Psystrike can deal massive damage, especially against those with poor physical defenses. Ice Beam, Fire Blast, and Thunderbolt are just some of the coverage options that Mega Mewtwo Y has.

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