Who Is Fisher in deadhouse landing?

Toben, mostly simply called Fisherman, was a mage of Malaz Island.

Is Iskar Jarak Whiskeyjack?

The ascended Bridgeburners were led to battle the growing chaos inside Dragnipur by Whiskeyjack, though he now went by the name Iskar Jarak.

What happened to Anomander rake?

Anomander Rake was killed during a duel with Traveller in Darujhistan. As Rake blocked Traveller’s sword, he let Dragnipur split his own skull. Once inside Dragnipur, he sacrificed himself to bring Mother Dark and the Gate of Darkness back to the Tiste Andii in Black Coral.

Who is kruppe malazan?

Kruppe [kruhp] was a regular at the Phoenix Inn in Darujhistan. Kruppe was described as a man of false modesty and he often called himself foolish, however, those who knew him were aware that Kruppe was many things but not foolish.

Who is Draconus malazan?

Draconus was an Elder God, and the one who forged the sword Dragnipur. In his first appearances he was described as a big man dressed in rags with his face veiled by a cowl. … Draconus had been slain and imprisoned within his own sword by Anomander Rake. He had two daughters, Envy and Spite.

Who is Coltaine reborn?

Several of the survivors of the Chain of Dogs joined her, and Temul told Fiddler that Coltaine had been reborn to a woman of the tribe whose child had once been empty before the crows came.

What happened to Tattersail?

By channelling his defenses outwards he was left vulnerable and perished. Only afterwards did Tattersail admit to herself that the relationship had been far more than a mere diversion.

How did TOC the younger lose his eye?

During their travels, the pair became friends, and Tool gave Toc a new name Aral Fayle meaning ‘touched by stone’ for him having lost his eye to a chunk of Moon’s Spawn.

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Who is Nimander’s mother?

He learned from Phaed that Lady Envy was her mother.

Who killed Scabandari Bloodeye?

Shortly after Scabandari’s betrayal of Silchas Ruin, Mael had bargained with Gothos to seal the destruction of the battle against the K’Chain Che’Malle beneath a layer of ice. As the ritual took hold, the Jaghut followed the sounds of battle to where Mael and Kilmandaros had defeated and subdued Scabandari Bloodeye.

What is Moon’s Spawn?

Moon’s Spawn (also known as the Tiste Andii’s Fang of Darkness) was a floating fortress, or skykeep, with a city inside commandeered by the Tiste Andii. According to Anomander Rake, the city was home to children, priests, and three very bookish warlocks.

Is kruppe K Rul?

There is a quote from Gardens of the Moon in which K’rul states Kruppe is a mortal. Don’t have my book with me, but it is during K’rul’s brief meeting with Rake atop the belfry of K’rul’s church. So, until specifically stated otherwise, I don’t see any reason to believe Kruppe is not a mortal.

What is a Jaghut?

The Jaghut [Ja-goot] were a non-human Elder Race and one of the four founding intelligent races of the Malazan planet. … The term Jaghut had largely degenerated in human use to Jhag or Shurl according to the scholar Mammot, although the latter term does not appear to have been used again in the books.

How do you pronounce kruppe?

Kruppe – Khrup-pe(!)

Who is greymane malazan?

Greymane, also spelled Graymane, originally called Orjin Samarr and later known as Stonewielder, was a former commander in the Malazan military during the Korelri Campaign who had been disgraced and cast out.

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What is Dragnipur?

Dragnipur was the sword wielded by Anomander Rake. In its first appearance it was described as a two-handed sword with a silver dragonskull pommel and an archaic crosshilt. … Another description spoke of a long, silver-hilted bastard sword, with an inky-black blade that absorbed all light.

How many tiste andii are there?

three Tiste people The history of all three Tiste people is the subject of the Kharkanas Trilogy.

How old is Felisin?

Affiliation. The girl later known as Felisin (also called Felisin Younger) was an orphan of no more than eleven or twelve years of age who lived in Raraku. Because she had had no one to speak for her in her naming rites, she did not have a name.

How did Fiddler get the name strings?

Pockmarks from explosive detonations covered Fiddler’s hands and face. His armour was a mixture of foreign accoutrements over a threadbare stained uniform. He carried a shortsword in a cracked wooden scabbard and a broken, scorched fiddle was strapped to his back, hence his name.

Who killed Hairlock?

I can understand Tayschrenn killing Hairlock (because Hairlock pretty much deserved it) and Calot (just to isolate Tattersail further), but the attack that killed Calot was aimed at Tattersail, and came from one of the other mages.

Is silverfox a Tattersail?

The child was born with silver fur which sloughed away immediately, hence the name, Silverfox. … Besides the souls of Tattersail, Nightchill, and Bellurdan there was the soul of Silverfox herself, the seed-child of the Bonecaster Pran Chole.

How did Dujek lose his arm?

In the Emperor’s time, Dujek had fought in the Wickan Wars against Coltaine. During one battle, a young Bult severely injured Duiker with his lance. … Bult’s horse in turn bit Dujek’s arm causing him to lose that arm to the surgeons. Dujek later went on to fight in the Seven Cities campaign.

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Why was Redmask killed?

Letur Anict refusing to give up on this opportunity attacked the tribes anyway in an attempt to take the herd. Anicts troops killed everyone except Redmask and possibly also the one Elder that Redmask kills because he knows Redmasks actual heritage.

What happened to Toc the Elder?

Toc the Elder had disappeared during Empress Laseen’s purges of the Old Guard at the time of the old Emperor’s death. When the Imperial Adjunct, Lorn, told his son that she had known the former commander and that the Empress regretted his death, Toc the Younger told her that he did not believe that his father had died.

Who is the Pannion seer?

The Pannion Seer was a Prophet Tyrant ruling the Pannion Domin lands southeast of Darujhistan. He was a hunched and twisted old man resembling a corpse, who spoke with an ancient, high-pitched, and quavering voice. His eyes appeared as if they were lit by torches and his sorcery smelled of ice on the wind.

Who is the dying God malazan?

The Dying God was Bellurdan Skullcrusher ascended. After Silverfox abandoned the fragment of his soul that was within her, he met Hairlock at the bottom of the Abyss, which inspired him to fashion a similar vessel for himself, as Hairlock had done with a puppet.

How do you pronounce tiste andii?


  1. T’amber: Tam-ber.
  2. Tavore Paran: Tah-vr Pah-ran.
  3. Teblor: teh-blor.
  4. Tehol Beddict: teh-hole Bed-ickt.
  5. Thelomen: tell–men.
  6. Tiste: tst (rhymes with heist, e is silent)
  7. Tiste Andii: tst ann-dee.
  8. Tiste Edur: tst eh-dr.