What was Mainbocher known for?

Main Rousseau Bocher (October 24, 1890 December 27, 1976), also known as Mainbocher, was an American couturier best known for the eponymous fashion label he founded in 1929. Although often pronounced Man-bo-shay, his name is pronounced Maine-Bocker.

Who owns Mainbocher?

Luvanis Mainbocher

Industry Luxury goods
Founder Main Rousseau Bocher (18901976)
Headquarters New York City, United States
Products Luxury goods
Owner Luvanis

Whose wedding dress designed by james Mainbocher became the most copied dress of the 1930s?

The grayish-blue, Wallis blue, of the Duchess of Windsor’s wedding dress, as well as the long, fluid crpe dress itself, was widely copied. The simple, conservative elegance of Mainbocher’s style, feminine but not fussy, perfectly suited the slim, severe good looks of the Duchess and wealthy women like her.