What happened between Maluma and Natalia?

Maluma and Barulch broke up in October after two years together. The California-born model and DJ told us exclusively at the time, I love Juan Luis (Maluma) very much but right now we need to take time for ourselves and our careers so that we can continue to grow as artists and individuals.

Is Maluma Hawaii about Natalia?

The Croatian model was the inspiration for Maluma’s worldwide hit song Hawi. In the last months of 2020, Neymar was involved in a love triangle with Colombian singer Maluma and his ex-girlfriend, Natalia Barulich. At the end of July, Maluma released his single Hawi, a song that was an immediate success.

What happened between Neymar and maluma?

Yet that is no longer the case, after Neymar began seeing model Natalia Barulich, Maluma’s ex-girlfriend. The well-known American DJ and model ended up leaving Maluma after a long-term relationship and began seeing Neymar, ending the friendship between the South Americans.

Are Natalia and Neymar together?

Barulich, 29, and Neymar, also 29, dated for a few months before breaking up earlier this year. … But both Neymar and Barulich have now moved on, with the Paris Saint-Germain star now rumoured to be dating Bruna Biancardi.

Is maluma single?

Maluma’s romantic life has been the subject of much speculation which he has kept private for the most part. However, in an interview in January 2018 he admitted to being in a relationship with Cuban-Croatian model Natalia Barulich.

Are Winnie Harlow and maluma dating?

Harlow also attended Maluma’s show at Madison Square Garden, but a source assured Page Six that they’re just friends.

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Is Neymar in love with his sister?

Neymar and his sister have a much tighter bond than most ordinary siblings. … Proving his love for his sister, Neymar proudly showed off a massive tattoo of her face that was inked on his right arm in the summer of 2015.

Who is Neymar son?

Davi Lucca Neymar / Sons Former FC Barcelona player Neymar posted an adorable Instagram Story featuring his son, Davi Lucca, receiving any Nadal fan’s ultimate dream: a personalised video message from the Spanish legend himself.

How did Maluma and Natalia meet?

The pair met in 2017 on the set of Maluma’s steamy music video, Felices los 4, in which Barulich was featured. … In September 2019, Maluma gave Natalia a shout out during his concert at The Forum, saying in Spanish to the crowd, I want to thank my girlfriend.

Who broke up with who Maluma and Natalia?

Barulich October 2019: Maluma and Barulich split up. As mentioned above, after two years of dating, Maluma and Barulich have broken up, according to People en Espaol. The model has reportedly moved on and is now dating Brazilian soccer star Neymar.

Does Maluma have a kid?

If I see into my future, I really want to have a family. The question remains whether Maluma actually has a baby on the way with Susana, which for now remains a rumor neither she nor the singer has confirmed nor denied.

What nationality is Maluma?

Colombian Maluma / Nationality Juan Luis Londoo Arias, was born on January 28, 1994 in Medellin, Colombia.