What does Massy Arias eat?

Massy Arias Diet Massy Arias follows a well-balanced diet, and she loves to eat a lot of vegetables, eggs, complex carbs, and healthy fats. Arias eats every few hours to keep her metabolism high, and she eats around 5-6 meals each day. She has protein and vegetables with every meal, and she always eats clean.

What is Massy arias known for?

Massy Arias inspires women to be strong and proud as her determination and dedication to building physical and mental strength sets an empowering trend in fitness lifestyles. Her positive vision and dedication to changing the fitness industry are revered by followers and media around the world.

Is Massy Arias vegan?

No I am not vegan. Yes I am eating more plants and eating less meat. I still eat eggs, greek yogurt, and fish here and there.

Is Massy Arias still with her baby daddy?

The fitness guru posted to Instagram on Thursday, July 30, confirming her split with her ex-husband Willy Beamen and fans were completely blindsided. …

How did Massy Arias start?

I started the account in 2012 as @mankofit; people know me by that, great, but people needed to learn my name. People needed to know who I am, so it became @massy. arias. It’s been an organic process.

What is Massy Arias ethnicity?

Dominican Republic-born health coach and personal trainer Massy Arias started her fitness journey more than seven years ago as an act of self-love after struggling with depression.

Where did Massy Arias grow up?

Here, she talks about how she became Insta-famous for her abs, and how she dealt with getting pregnant and giving birth last year. I was born in the Dominican Republic and lived there with my mom, a nurse practitioner, my dad, an auto repair shop owner, and five brothers until I was 13.

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