Most Famous Writers of the Last 10 Years

For the last ten years, literature has changed a lot in writing styles, main directions, features, and popular writers. Today’s literature is supposed to be modernism, which is also divided into different directions peculiar to modern writers. Nowadays, writers are not restrained in their works and art. They can follow any literary direction, pick any writing style and language they want to speak to their readers, publish novels, articles, reports, investigations, and so on.

Now literary personalities can be writers, critics, journalists, and researchers—overall focus on any activity they suppose is crucial for modern society and their personal development as well. Modern literature can be characterized as the following:

  • individualism—to become a good writer, you need to find your uniqueness and individuality, know how you differ from other modern writers, what writing styles suit your personality and character, and what goals you want to reach;
  • symbolism—many popular writers of the last decade compare the items to serious meanings, these items can be places, situations, people, unliving items, etc.; they don’t precisely explain what symbols mean, leaving the space for imagination and understanding these things personally;
  • expression—modern writers have ways of expressing themselves and their ideas in various unique ways, they often neglect the format and rules in different writing styles by encountering their personal contributions; they are not afraid to criticize, change, or publicly express their point of view, thereby creating modern literature and new directions. 

Forward, we would gladly share the compilation of the most famous just like the writing service Best Writers Online shares their top lists of the best writers and loved by their audience writers of the last 10 years and the most outstanding works that made them popular all over the world. 

Famous writers for the past 10 years

Stephen King

If you are not a true literature lover, you must have heard of the works of Stephen King, whose numerous works have movie adaptations. This outstanding writer became globally known for his realistic and terrifying stories that impress everyone who reads any of them. It is a rare case when the author has no failing novels, as each of them is unique and engaging. 

His first publications took place in the 1980s, but Stephen keeps writing and publishing more new works, among which we would like to note the Institute, the Outsider, Later, and many others. Each of his horror stories takes you into the world of this story, diving deep into the characters and events that take place in the novel. If you saw any movie adaption of his works, you definitely need to read some of them, we promise you won’t be sorry. 

Stephenie Meyer

Stephenie Meyer became a worldwide famous writer after the publication of her outstanding series of books Twilight. This love story of a human girl and a vampire rouse the world, making Stephenie enormously popular and demanding. The four books within this series were adapted into films, where the first movie had a low budget but broke the bank by sales. 

So, the writer keeps publishing more new novels, among which we would highlight the Host, the Chemist, and others. Stephenie is also a producer of movie adaptations of her novels, as well as writings of other popular modern writers. She is fond of taking part in converting her ideas and works into real pictures on screens. 

Nicholas Sparks

Nicholas Sparks is the author of globally popular and favorite love stories of all time. We bet you surely saw any of the film adaptations of his novels which are the Notebook, a Walk to Remember, Dear John, and many-many others. Nicholas succeeds in being gifted with a special capability not touching the hearts of his readers, even those who are fond of reading, especially love stories. 

Each of his novels is unique, teaching, and inspiring. Nicholas keeps writing and publishing novels to this day, and his writings keep being adapted on big screens. Among the latest novels, we recommend reading the Wish, Return, and Two by Two. You will hardly find a similar author who is capable of describing the feelings so close to real life and gently as Nicholas does.

David Treuer

David Treuer is an outstanding writer and critic that comes to the United States. His writing career started in 1995 when he published his first novel Little. Lots of his writings, including essays and articles, were published in numerous popular magazines like The New York Times, Esquire, and others. Davide succeeded to become a popular writer and critic because of his strength and ability to express his point of view and criticize various books, including those that depicted Indians in the wrong way, as he supposed. 

Among the novels that you should consider in the art of Davide Treuer we would highlight his first novel Little which was nominated for the Minnesota Book Award, Prudence, one of the latest novels, and Rez Life, the book about Indians living in reservations. 

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is considered to be one of the most contributing and favorite Nigerian writers who fight for feminism and rights for women, and who succeeded to make her audience pay attention and learn more about African culture and literary art.

To note several of her famous writings, we would like to name such novels as Purple Hibiscus and Half of a Yellow Sun, both about the wealth of African art and people. Along with her writing career, Chimamanda conducts learning lectures related to feminism, women’s rights, and the freedom to choose who they want to be in life. 

Summing up

The list of excellent modern writers whose works are very engaging and worthy of your attention can go on and on. What is great about modern literature is that writers and editors don’t stop themselves from expressing their opinions and their perception of this world. That is the way new literary directions and features appear, inspiring more gifted and young writers to share their art and contribute to the area.

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