Julia Roberts and George Clooney in Ol Parker’s new movie ‘Ticket to Paradise’

Julia Roberts and George Clooney reunite to play in the new movie ‘Ticket to Paradise’ directed by Ol Parker ( director of ‘Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again’, ‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’).

Universal Pictures has released the first trailer for the romantic comedy ‘Ticket to Paradise’.

The premiere will take place at the 79th Venice Film Festival in October.

Ted Melfi wrote the script for ‘Ticket to Paradise’, based on an idea by Parker and Daniel Pipski.

In the film, famous actors play the roles of long-divorced parents who got married under the influence of spontaneous emotions and impressions. 

Things are developing in Bali.

The couple’s daughter Lily (Kaitlyn Dever) goes on a postgraduate trip to Bali and decides to marry a local resident.

The divorced parents urgently go to Indonesia to prevent the girl from repeating the same mistake as they did twenty years ago.

The trailer highlights the tense relationship between the two characters, even as the ex-spouses try to join forces for the sake of their daughter.

This film is the third collaboration between George Clooney and Julia Roberts. The two previously starred alongside each other in the ‘Ocean’s’ film franchise and also in 2016 movie ‘Money Monster’.

With ‘Ticket to Paradise’ Julia Roberts, who dominated the romantic comedy scene in the 1990s, is making a comeback after a 20-year gap from the genre.

The ‘Notting Hill’ actress claimed that she steered out of the genre for over two decades since there weren’t any scripts that were on par with those from her well-known movies, such as ‘Pretty Woman’ (1990) or ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ (1997).

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Other than her brief appearances in ensemble rom-com ‘Valentine’s Day’ and ‘Mother’s Day’ and romance drama ‘Eat Pray Love’, the actor’s last rom-com outing was 2001’s ‘America’s Sweethearts.’

The star’s previous rom-com appearance was in 2001’s ‘America’s Sweethearts’, save from her brief appearances in the ensemble comedies ‘Valentine’s Day’ (2020) and ‘Mother’s Day’ (2016) and the romance drama ‘Eat Pray Love’ (2010).

Clooney, on the other hand, recently appeared in the science fiction film ‘The Midnight Sky’ (2020) on Netflix. Also, the upcoming television series ‘Gaslit’ will include Roberts as Martha Mitchell.

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