Interesting Facts About Joe Keery You Definitely Didn’t Know

Many actors thrive in Hollywood, but only a few capture people’s hearts. Joe Keery is one such actor who gained a fan base for his role as Steve Harrington in Stranger Things. 

Even though most people identify him as a talented actor, there are many facts people do not know about him. 

Besides his role in Stranger Things, he also has another side. Let us now discover it with ten facts you didn’t know about him.

Why is Joe Keery famous?

We have known Joe Keery for his role as Steve in the series Stranger Things. Even though it started as a temporary character, the directors and audience liked his character so much that they made it permanent for the upcoming seasons. 

The character has grown so much among the audience that with each season, the audience always wonders, “Is Joe Keery still in Stranger Things?” The directors have extended the character to keep him as a permanent cast member in the upcoming seasons. 

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10 Interesting Facts About Joe Keery You Did Not Know

Where does Joe Keery live? Along with this, there are multiple other questions people wonder about this famous actor. 

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Here are ten interesting facts that might allow you to know more about this famous actor. 

1. He was in a band

Joe Keery Phillies is not just an actor but also a talented musician who played in an old rock band, ‘Post Animal.’ He loved playing in his band. 

But with his commitment to the series, he decided to leave the band in 2018. He also created his music albums and performed them under the name Cool Cool Cool. 

2. His involvement in commercials

It is common for the people entering the industry to act in minor roles and perform any gig they were given the opportunity. 

So, during the initial stage of his acting career, he acted in multiple commercials to secure a place in the industry. Some of the general commercials he appeared in included popular brands like Dominos and KFC. 

3. They looped him in just for a single season of Stranger Things

Did you know that the original cast of Stranger Things omitted Joe Keery as a permanent character? They planned the initial storyline to have him just in the initial season. 

But, with his popularity with the fans, the Duffel brothers desired to extend his character. His simple character plot has grown and has a fan base. 

4. He is from a large family

Did you know that Joe Keery hails from a large family with four sisters? 

Being the eldest in the family, this actor has love and affection towards his family members. 

He has always spent quality time with his family while living in Massachusetts.

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5. He acted in a movie in 2015

After a wide range of commercials, he was offered a chance in a movie in 2015. Right from 2015, he has acted in films and series. 

Even though Stranger Things created a breakthrough in his acting career, he was still famous for his impeccable characters in the movies. 

6. He has a doppelganger

Each actor in the movie industry has their own set of doppelgangers who look just like them. Similarly, Joe Keery also has his doppelganger, who is a celebrity. It is none other than Ben Schwartz, a famous comedian known for his role in Park& Recreations. 

Despite having similar facial features, they had not met or related until entering the movie industry. Right now, they frequently interact with each other and appear on talk shows together. 

7. He initially tried for the role of Jonathan Byers

Did you know that Joe Keery originally auditioned for the role of Jonathan Byers, who was Will’s brother? It is true! 

Despite liking his acting techniques, the directors hesitated about casting him in the role he auditioned for. 

They felt he was not suitable for the character and created the Steve character for him. 

8. He went to a theater school

Joe Keery did not enter the film industry by accident. He hoped to become an actor right from his childhood. 

Later joined a theatre school in Colorado to learn the techniques of acting. He graduated with a degree in theatre school and acted in many theatre-based shows to improve his knowledge.

9. His hair is more famous

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People love him more for his hair. His soft, healthy, and dark locks have their set fanbase. 

He even cropped his hair in 2019, which caused his fans to become anxious, and everyone requested him to grow his hair back since they loved it on him. 

10. He is with Maika Monroe

Besides having a dating history, he is with actress Maika Monroe. The couple has been together for almost five years. They create couple goals for their fans through many ‘aww’ moments. 


Joe Keery is an excellent actor, and with his introduction to Stranger Things, he has secured a different place in the industry. 

His career graph has been growing ever since, and let us hope he achieves multiple rewards further during his career growth. 

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