How to run a YouTube channel for a company

It’s hard to figure out how YouTube’s recommendation algorithm actually works. Therefore, there is simply no exact instruction on how to launch a successful channel.

Today we will try to figure out what content can be released so that you have to buy YouTube views less often, how to build a shooting process, what you have to spend money on and what difficulties face.

Start with a concept

The company needs to understand what their channel will be about and who they are making it for. This is what will distinguish your channel from many others. It is also important that the idea is liked by the company that launches it, and not just by the founder or marketer. Then there will be the interest in creating a quality product.

Learn from other creators

Subscribe to a small community of bloggers. Share useful information with each other. This is very motivating to continue working, especially at the very beginning, when you don’t know anything.

It is important to understand why you start running a channel for your business, because it is resource-intensive. You need to understand what are the specifics of scripts, how to create covers and mount, and what topics are interesting. Hiring outsourced professionals is expensive.

Find a cool story to share

If you understand that you need such a method of brand promotion, then just start. Understand the system as you go. The main thing is that there is a story that you want to share. It takes a long time to prepare for filming, write a script and choose equipment, so that makes sense when you have a big budget. Also, don’t forget that at first you will most likely have to buy real YouTube views, which also requires money, although not much.

We advise you to find a person who will promote your content. Because just publishing content is not enough, you need to drive traffic to it.

How to shoot a lot

It is better to have your own production team, with whom you can constantly be in touch and work together on a quality product. You can set up a studio with instruments and other necessary equipment. The studio should have three zones:

  • editing office;
  • rest room with kitchen and shower room;
  • filming location.

The following departments are working:

  • production department. Filming and editing. The department consists of a manager, two editors, a photographer and three technicians who act as actors;
  • YouTube department. They generate ideas, give technical requirements for filming, and are responsible for publishing and distributing. The department consists of 5-8 people;
  • translation department. Responsible for translation and adaptation texts for different countries;
  • content department. Writing texts;
  • SEO department. Responsible for optimizing the text: titles, tags, descriptions.

Video production consists of the following steps:

  • YouTube department comes up with the theme;
  • a technician and a content specialist write the script together;
  • the production department shoots according to the script in the studio or conducts location shooting;
  • The YouTube department reviews the video and, if necessary, notes what needs to be corrected: finish or remove some points during editing;
  • after uploading subtitles in a certain language, the YouTube department uploads the video to the channels.

How to promote

You can promote the channel for free and for a fee. Free methods include:

  • optimization for search engines. To do this, you need to register the title, tags and description, taking into account SEO. The title will convince you to open the video, and the tags and descriptions will be ranked by search engines. Also, after watching, the platform will prompt the user to watch another video from the same channel. Therefore, the more videos, the more likely it is to keep a person on the channel;
  • sowing video in other distribution channels of the company: social networks, corporate blog, chat for clients, on external blog platforms;
  • hyperlinks to individual videos in other videos of the company. This also includes grouping videos into playlists.

Paid methods include:

  • contextual advertising in search engines;
  • targeted advertising in social networks;
  • collaboration with bloggers: shooting joint videos or mentioning a company channel by a blogger.

When a company needs a channel

Several factors indicate the need to launch the channel.

  1. You have resources to promote. Now only free methods will not be able to bring videos to the TOP views. You need to run targeted and contextual advertising.
  2. You don’t expect quick results. YouTube is a game for a long time: for example, before launching targeted advertising, it is advised to shoot at least 20-30 videos. Also, all the experts of the article believe that the platform works more for the image and expertise of the company than for attracting traffic and leads.
  3. You have a loyal audience that will give the first views and seeding to your videos. These can be regular customers of the company or a community of the same creators.
  4. You have the opportunity to attract someone else to work on the channel. If you want to run the channel alone, you will have to shoot and edit, write scripts, draw video covers, and distribute it yourself. Each company has at least two people working on the channel.
  5. You understand why the company needs it, and for whom you are doing it. This is the most important point, without which the previous ones do not make sense.

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