How Do I Switch to CenturyLink?

Imagine this: You move to a new city and you go for the service provider that your neighbors have recommended. However, two to three months later, you are horribly dissatisfied with the internet service you are getting. Not only do you face issues almost every day, but you also have to pay the bill timely to avoid not having an internet connection altogether. Surely, this can’t go on forever. You need a solution, but what? A new service provider! 

Of course, the scenario could also go this way you move to a new city and need to switch service providers as your old ISP is not available here. In both cases, the answer is the same. You need a new service provider and you need it fast! So, here we are, with this blog, to enlighten you about CenturyLink and how you can switch from your old internet service provider to CenturyLink Internet

But before you do make the switch, there are a few things you will need to consider. Like, why are you making the switch? What do your requirements entail? What are some of the features or qualities that you cannot ignore when it comes to internet service providers? 

All of these things need to be answered before you can move on to looking or switching to another provider. We will be discussing these things below and then, we will talk about what CenturyLink has to offer to make the searching and the switching process easier for you. 

Why Are You Making The Switch?

While we presented two scenarios, for which you might be thinking to switch, there can be other reasons as well. So, first and foremost, you have to identify why you are making the switch. Is it because of slow internet speeds and you are looking for faster internet? Or is it because you want to change your internet connection type from cable to Fiber? Do you think your old ISP is very overpriced? Whatever the reason, sit down, grab a paper and pencil and write down the reasons you are switching.

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Next, prioritize the reasons by numbers or importance. Which problem or issue is most important for you to solve. Do you want a speedy internet and do not care much about the price? Or are you looking for a pocket-friendly option? It’s highly unlikely that you will get an internet service provider that meets all of your requirements. That’s why we have asked you to rank the reasons in terms of priority. 

One more thing you will need to look out for is the cancellation of your previous internet plan. Does your service provider charge you for cancellation or termination of the contract? If so, then how much? Is it manageable for you or will you have to wait for the time to end? Maybe, if you are being charged a hefty fee, and there is only a little time left before the contract or service period ends, you can choose to wait and save money.

What Should You Be Looking For?

After you have prioritized the reasons, the next step is to start looking for what you want. This means you’ll have to sit down and calculate how much you are willing to pay, what speed do you need, and what internet connection type do you want? To answer these questions, you’ll have to dig into the detail of internet speeds and usage levels, like what speed do you need to stream Netflix on one device smoothly? 

You will also need to do your homework on the connection types and how they influence your internet speed or connection. Take a look at the headings below to get a better idea of what to look for.

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Internet Speed

The internet speed, typically known as download speed, is one of the most important requirements for customers. Oftentimes, it is the reason why people want to change or switch their ISPs. But how do you determine what speed you need? It’s simple. Attached below is a table with speeds and platforms for you to determine what you want. 

Online activitiesRecommended minimum internet speed
Emailing1 Mbps
Web browsing/surfing1-4 Mbps
Video conferencing1-5 Mbps
SD video streaming3-4 Mbps
HD video streaming5-8 Mbps
4K/UHD streaming25 Mbps
Online gaming25-40 Mbps
Large file downloading50 Mbps

Note that the estimates given here are for the minimum speeds required for your online activities.

Data Allowance

Data caps can be a nuisance. It’s not like you want to exceed the data limit on purpose, it just sometimes happens. And when it does, you have to a hefty fee as a punishment. Nobody wants to do that and so, naturally, everyone wants an internet plan without a data limit. While some service providers do offer plans like that, many more have plans with 1 TB data limits, and that is also a really good option. If you get the right speed for you according to the table above, there is less chance that you might cross the data limit.

What Does CenturyLink Have to Offer?

Okay, now let’s take a look at what CenturyLink internet plans have to offer. CenturyLink brings two choices for its customers in terms of internet connection type: Fiber and DSL. When you choose the DSL internet connection option, you should know that it is not your typical DSL connection, rather it is a hybrid connection. 

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Your internet data reaches you via a Fiber network which is connected to copper wires and then eventually to your home. Because of this, you are getting a speedy internet connection, even with DSL. Fiber internet is, just like the name says, purely fiber. Take a look at the plans and the details for it below.

Internet PlanConnection typeDownload SpeedData AllowancePrice
CenturyLink Simply Unlimited InternetDSL15 – 20 Mbps(Speed availability depends on location)Unlimited$50/mo.
(Rate obliges paperless billing. Additional fees, taxes, and surcharges also apply)
CenturyLink Simply Unlimited InternetDSL40 – 100 Mbps(Speed availability depends on location)Unlimited$50/mo.
(Rate obliges paperless billing. Additional fees, taxes, and surcharges also apply)
CenturyLink Fiber GigabitFiberUp to 940 Mbps
(Speed availability depends on location, maximum download/upload speeds accessible via a wired connection)
(Rate obliges paperless billing. Additional fees, taxes, and surcharges also apply)

In the table, you can check the internet speed, the connection type, and the price. There are some conditions that apply to all of the packages as well and these are written right below them. 

What Is Your Next Move?

Have you made your decision? Which plan are you picking and why? But of course, before you finalize the purchase, you should check out other details of the plans as well. Where can you find these details? On BuyTVInternetPhone, of course! Not only for CenturyLink, but you can find the internet plans and details for other service providers like Xfinity, Spectrum, Astound Broadband powered by Wave, and many more. 

Compare plans from different service providers, check the features, and purchase plans: all of that is possible on this website. So, go on now and sign up for an internet plan today!

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