Foods and How They Affect Dental Health

It’s necessary to take care of the state of our teeth not only to have a beautiful smile. Our teeth are given to us to grind food, so that afterwards, during a complex biochemical process, the body extracts important nutrients from them. The foods a person eats affect the health of his or her teeth, mouth and gums, like betting via 20Bet affects their financial state. Certain foods can provoke tooth decay, others, on the contrary, make teeth stronger.

It’s important to get the right amounts of phosphorus, calcium, vitamins, and other important nutrients from food. When the diet does not contain enough nutrients, the enamel becomes weaker and it is difficult to restore it. 

Useful Foods

To maintain dental health, it’s important not only to maintain hygiene but also to enrich the diet with useful products, minimizing harmful ones. 

Dairy Products

Cheese, homemade yogurt, and milk strengthen the teeth. They are enriched with phosphorus, fluoride and calcium. Dairy products contain vitamin D, the participation of which is necessary for the absorption of calcium. 

Vegetables and Fruits

Apples, beets, carrots, pears, and cucumbers contain vitamins, minerals. They support the microflora in the mouth and make the teeth strong. Hard fruits, vegetables act like a toothbrush, produce cleansing, massage the gums. 


This food contains Omega-3, fluoride, calcium, magnesium, needed to maintain healthy teeth. Fish strengthens enamel and mineralized tissues. Iodine in seafood has an anti-caries effect. 

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Water and Herbal Teas

Water washes away food particles between the teeth, prevents inflammation, and removes bad breath. 

Herbal teas don’t contain caffeine, which can stain enamel to a darker color. Therefore, they are recommended for everyone who wants to have a beautiful smile. Herbs contain minerals, vitamins.

Seeds, Nuts

Not fried products are especially healthy. The absence of heat treatment preserves the maximum amount of useful elements in nuts. They contain a large number of amino acids, fatty acids, phosphorus and calcium, which are necessary for the health of the teeth. 


Salad leaves, parsley, and dill are rich in minerals, vitamins that strengthen the enamel and vessels of the mouth, which helps prevent bleeding gums. Parsley, dill have antibacterial properties, and their juice has a mild bleaching effect.

List of Unhealthy Foods

The most dangerous for teeth are considered:

  • Candy, lollipops. If you can not give them up completely, then at least you should choose sweets that melt quickly, so that they are in the mouth for a short time.
  • Sodas – most of these products contain orthophosphoric, citric acid, which provokes the thinning of enamel.
  • Bread and other flour products – when chewed, they are converted into a sticky base that clogs between the teeth, creating favorable conditions for the reproduction of microorganisms.
  • Citrus, sour berries contain a lot of acids, which negatively affects the enamel. It’s worth limiting these products to people with sensitive teeth. And after drinking them, it’s recommended to rinse your mouth with water.
  • Fruit juices are dangerous for the same reasons. To prevent the destruction of enamel, it’s preferable to consume them through a tube to reduce contact with the oral cavity.
  • Alcoholic beverages dry out your mouth. Most of them contain dyes and sugar.
  • Coffee and tea can stain the enamel a darker color. Besides the aesthetic side, soft drinks indirectly affect the overall condition of the teeth. Caffeine in them makes it difficult to absorb calcium, iron and other important elements for dental health.
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However, you shouldn’t blame yourself if you eat anything from this list. If bread or candies bring you pleasure, there’s no need to give them up completely. Just reduce their consumption and think about some alternatives.

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