Do PR Experts Still Use Press Releases in Their Practice?

Numerous new digital/social channels appear all the time. They help PR experts reach the needed audience easier. Also, you can access PR analytics tools to make your campaign more efficient. And what about press releases? Some people think that is an old-school public relations tool, which belongs to the past. 

In this article, we are going to speak about the main advantages of press releases, and why ignoring them is a big mistake. 

Establishing Professional Relations with the Media

Press releases help with media connections. You get in touch with local/international media representatives. Many PR experts use this tool to start a new dialogue with a journalist or a reporter. Do not forget that journalists are busy receiving hundreds of pitches/press releases. So, the only way to pay their attention is to prepare a well-composed press release. When you write a press release, you need to include  newsworthy information. It should answer the FAQs of your target audience. Now, you see that the art of writing a polished press release requires practice and professional skills. It is a way to establish relationships with journalists.

Establishing Credibility with Journalists and Customers

A press release is efficient in building credibility. Thanks to this tool you are able to control the narrative. The traditional media and most potential clients see press releases as a professional and well-trusted source of information. It is a way to increase the client’s database and boost brand awareness. It is an important tool for small businesses and startups. If you want to improve your reputation, a press release is a good solution. Besides, it helps to deal with internal crises and negative feedback. You just need to provide credible facts in order to clarify conflicts and build a positive company’s image.

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Building SEO Traffic

Press releases can be successfully used for SEO practices. It permits search engines to find, index, and rank your content easier. If you know how to make your press release to have a high-ranking on Google, it is a guarantee of enhanced exposure to new clients. So, you can hire a professional SEO specialist for adjusting your press release to the Google norms. Do not forget to use links and the matching keywords in a natural way.

Increasing clients’ engagement

Thanks to a professionally-written press release, you can boost clients’ engagement and interest in your brand. If you want your press release to be shown in front of a huge audience, you should not ignore social media platforms. It is also your chance to improve your ranking in search and attract maximum attention from customers. In order to make your release brighter and eye-catching, you should not forget to add infographics/photos/videos. As practice shows, matching multimedia elements make your press release better in terms of clients’ engagement. 

Respecting journalists

We have to respect people working in the media. They consider a press release as an essential tool to spread the news within the community. Most journalists see press releases as good stories they can publish on their site/blog/newspaper/magazine. 

Bottom Line

If you want to present your corporate news in a professional way, a press release is one of the best ways to get in front of your audience. Polish your writing skills, learn SEO principles, and try to connect with the right sources.

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