Angry Birds: Summer Madness, Is it Coming On Netflix in 2021? Everything You Should Know.

What is Angry Bird:

The latest “Angry Birds” television series will be arriving on Netflix in 2021 and it will consist of 40-41 minutes per episode. Though a specific release date has not been confirmed yet, Netflix will release this series “Angry Birds: Summer Madness” the well-known franchise’s first long-term television series in the next year. A heart-touching statement was given by the director of the original animated series named CurtisLelash,” Angry Bird is a wonder for kids worldwide and all were excited to bring them home to the nest at Netflix where they will be angrier a bird-ier than ever”. The franchise of “Angry Bird” made a super cool and successful mobile video game in 2009 that make numerous duplicate games including Star Wars. Then the franchise decided to make a movie and he directly moved to the big screen with a good theme movie named “The Angry Birds Movie” that was released in 2009. This sequel has been listed as Netflix’s Top 10 movies regularly since it has been released.

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Other Angry Birds Movies:

“Angry Birds Toons” which was debuted in 2013 ran successfully for three seasons and was liked by all the children as they love animated movies more than action ones. As for “Angry Birds” and television, Netflix’s upcoming series is far from the franchise’s first television installment. “Angry Birds: Summer Madness” honors from Finland’s Rovio Entertainment which created the original game and a production company named ‘Cake’ handles Rovio television shows internationally. Rovio CMO Ville Heijari stated that “After more than a decade in hit games, blockbuster movies, and licensed products, the movie ‘Angry Birds’ ran for a long-term series. We were delighted and much more happy to continue our partnership with the product ‘CAKE’ and can not even wait for more to disclose and release the world of ‘Angry Birds: Summer Madness’ to viewers on Netflix”.

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