7 Common Health Issues Faced by Students

Student life is full of various challenges. Most undergraduates learn hard, take care of themselves, work part-time, and have active social lives. Therefore, they frequently underestimate the importance of having a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, undergraduates suffer from different health issues. Let’s explore the top seven most common health problems students face in the post below. 

  1. Stress and Anxiety

Stress is one of the most widespread health issues that undergraduates face. Having a lot of responsibilities, they need to tackle a lot of crucial tasks. In most cases, they cannot underestimate any of the tasks to cope with. The lack of spare time and tight schedules are students’ major sources of stress. They are always searching for the best options to get all the jobs done upon the set deadlines. Consequently, they need to increase their performance and limit the time for relaxation and entertainment to remain successful students. 

Meanwhile, all their actions have particular consequences that affect their lives directly. Most students constantly experience anxiety because they need to maintain high GPAs, perform their job responsibilities efficiently, and manage their budgets. A large amount of uncertainty in students’ lives makes them feel anxious constantly.

  1. Depression

Depression is one of the common health issues that students face. Usually, depression develops because learners don’t treat stress and anxiety. When the number of stressful situations increases and students can hardly cope with all the challenges in their lives, they start struggling with depression. According to recent research, more than 40% of students in the US experience depression when studying. 

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It is a serious health issue that can have a negative impact. It may affect all aspects of life in different health disturbances. Nevertheless, the major problem is that depression erases the desire to keep fighting all the challenges. Consequently, undergraduates cannot do their homework, grasp new skills, do sports, etc. They may spend a lot of time doing nothing until the depression is treated.

  1. Sleep Disorder

Indeed, lack of sleep is one of the foremost issues that most students have. Experiencing a lack of spare time to do their homework, perform job responsibilities, and hang out with friends, a lot of students frequently have nighttimes. They usually spend all-nighters to complete their academic papers and submit them on time. They don’t have a defined sleep schedule that causes learners to experience a sleep disorder. Learners can hardly fall asleep to renew their energy. It makes students more irritative and aggressive. Also, they may experience a lack of energy due to a poor night’s sleep. 

  1. The Common Cold

The common cold is a widespread health issue among most people on Earth. Nevertheless, students frequently suffer from this disease because they spend a lot of time in different communities and interact with many people daily. Moreover, students frequently live in shared spaces in dorms or apartments. They can easily get infected by germs spread by other learners. 

Fortunately, the common cold can be easily treated in most cases. Students need to take several days off and get isolated from others. With the help of medications, they can fight the common cold fast and get better. To not compromise on learning when fighting the common cold, students usually pay for essays online. They place orders and delegate their academic papers to skilled writers who deliver top-grade papers on time. In essence, learners get plenty of spare time to focus on treating this health issue.

  1. Eating Disorders
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Since most students experience a lack of time and budget, they underestimate the importance of proper nutrition. Most of them don’t consume the proper nutrients to maintain healthy lifestyles. Vice versa, many students limit their nutrition to stay fit. It’s a misleading tactic that can’t help get a strong body and fit shape. The lack of nutrients may lead to weakness, irritation, and health issues with skin, bones, and hair. Students don’t have defined schedules for eating, which may lead to digestive disorders. 

Besides, undergraduates consider unhealthy food like chips or noodles. Such meals negatively affect the digestive system and lead to eating disorders because it doesn’t deliver the required amount of nutrients. Moreover, junk food contains an excessive amount of fat. 

  1. Spine Ache

Since students have to spend a lot of time behind a desk, spine ache is one of the foremost issues they experience. These days, undergraduates sit behind desks during lectures when they do their homework or entertain themselves using a computer. Moreover, if they work remotely using a desktop, undergraduates spend most of their time behind their desks. It forces them to keep their backs in one position for a long time. It results in the development of spine aches. Students are recommended to take breaks and do exercises regularly to avoid this health issue. 

  1. Sprains and Injuries

Students frequently spend their time doing sports and various active games. Moreover, a lot of undergraduates adore extreme spots. They help them release a huge amount of adrenaline to forget about burdening tasks and refresh their minds. Moreover, many students who work out need to keep their bodies fit. Active sports are often related to many injuries and sprains. Fortunately, they can be easily treated without contacting a doctor in most cases.

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