5 Actors Who Have Got Engaged to Their Fans


Many people think that Hollywood stars are comparable to the ancient Greek gods, who on principle do not communicate with anyone outside of their circle. However, when it comes to love, this stereotype quickly dissipates, and we get a chance to witness a real fairy tale. Here are some celebrities who have had an affair with their fans that has grown into a strong marriage.

Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso

Enjoying gambling on offers provided at 22Bet, actor Matt Damon isn’t popular only for this reason. Matt met his future wife at a restaurant in Miami, where she worked as a waitress. He came there every day and soon got up the courage to ask the girl out. In 2003, Matt and Luciana were officially dating, and in 2005 they married and are now the happy parents of three daughters.

Anne Hathaways and Adam Shulman

No one imagined that the long-legged beauty with an angelic smile Anne Hathaway without memory of falling in love with a modest jeweler Adam Shulman. Rumor has it that Adam was specially passed casting in the extras for the movie, which starred Anne, and as soon as he saw it, he realized that this girl – his destiny. And so it happened: in 2011, the couple announced their engagement, and in 2012 they got married, combining Christian and Jewish traditions.

John Travolta and Kelly Preston

The love story of this couple can rightly be called one of the most romantic in Hollywood. Back in her younger days, Kelly Preston was a devoted fan of John Travolta’s work exactly from the moment she saw him in the movie “Grease”. It was because of her idol that Kelly decided that she would go into big movies, and secretly dreamed that someday their fates would cross. In 1989, Kelly and John met on the set of the movie “The Experts” and instantly developed an affection for each other that grew into true love. Soon they were married and had a son, and the fact that Kelly was just a groupie became a cause for endless family jokes. Until 2020, when Preston died.

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Nicholas Cage and Alice Kim

A charming girl named Alice Kim was a simple waitress at an ordinary Los Angeles restaurant. One day Nicholas Cage dropped in for lunch and, seeing a girl with porcelain skin and enigmatic almond-shaped eyes, was speechless. He became a regular visitor, but not because of his love for Chinese cuisine, but because of the magnetism that drew him again and again to Alice. Funny enough, but before the first date the naive actor could not even assume that the girl is secretly in love with him. In 2004, they were married on a ranch in Northern California, and a year later the couple had a son. Now they are no longer together.

Kathy Holmes and Tom Cruz

Now Katie Holmes is a famous actress, but who would have thought that she only went to the movies to dream of meeting Tom Cruise, on whose movies she grew up. The pair did not disclose the details of their acquaintance, but we all know that for the sake of the lovely Cruise broke up with Nicole Kidman and for a long time became a happy husband and father. Later, the lovers divorced.

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