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The corona virus pandemic had brought changes in all sectors around the world. From the commercial industries to the entertainment world, from transportation to the education sector all domains have been affected by the corona virus. But during the pandemic also the world didn’t stopped. People came up with the different alternatives to their work done. Introduction to the online mode was the major change that we observed during pandemic and post pandemic world. Education sector had also switched to online mode completely. This had been named as online education.

Online education was existing way before pandemic world too but it has become more prominent after these covid times. Online education had become a trend nowadays all across the globe. This method of learning is done using Internet network. With the increasing technologies and the ever advancing development in them this type of learning had become easy and more simplified. 

Education serves a core role in people’s lives the career of person depends on their education. Education today is way more diverse than what it was decades ago. Introduction to this e-learning method had made education way more advanced now. Where a child can learn by sitting at his home and the teacher themselves are on their doorsteps for teaching. Everything that a child used to get in an offline mode now can be made available to the child on the online platform itself. From e-content to doubt sessions all are available on the network. This e- content is as realistic as that of hard copy content as we can avail study material in any form be it an audio, text, image, notes or a video. 

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Due to its quick accessibility and feasibility this mode of education is developing with increasing times. Whatever we want to learn we can now learn digitally. There are various platforms that sell courses online who provide digital courses with certification given on completion of the course. Online education is highly beneficial for those who cannot get education using traditional learning methods.

Online education is now preferred more as it gives flexibility and independence to the user. They learn what they want and when they want at their convenience at their desired place. It is not only beneficial to the learners but also to the creators. A knowledgeable person can develop a course of his own and provide people with that course. They can learn how to sell online course and then provide them accordingly after developing them.  Online learning allows teachers to interact and communicate with the students who may not be able to enroll into their courses if they were provided offline in traditional mode, then this distant mode learning sort of thing is very helpful. Due to its benefits online education is increasing day by day. Number of schools and colleges adopting this type of education is also increasing continuously. 

Online learning is preferred more as it provides the best content at the least rates. As learn maths online education saves our lots of time, energy plus money for transportation that we would have spent to reach the educational institution. Online education helps to break the norms that there is a particular age for learning, through remote mode and elderly one or a working professional can also learn and up-skill themselves. Prime benefit of online learning involves increased access to education. Location and time are no longer barriers for having education because of e-learning.

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 E-learning allows one to learn from variety of educators from various fields, who helps in broadening our knowledge and expanding our horizons over the topic. It decreases student anxiety since many students are not able to speak more effectively online in comparison to traditional classes. Anyone can learn from anywhere if they have access to the net connection

Because there is no rush with online education, we may learn at our own pace. When compared to traditional classes, most online courses are frequently more fun and comfortable. It relieves you of the hassle of needing to travel to a specific location every day.

Online education has huge benefits. There had been significant increase in online education due to the covid pandemic which had resulted a boon only for education sector worldwide. Online education is indeed a face of what are future education going to be.

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