Fashion 101: How To Make Yourself Appear Taller?

Sometimes, a smaller frame can make you look taller and slimmer. But what if you have no choice? There’s nothing wrong with hoping to look tall sometimes. Fret not. There are ways to upgrade your petite frame. 

Here are some tricks on how to look taller while wearing certain clothes to help you pull off that hot outfit.

Tips to Make Yourself Appear Taller

Supermodel height is something we can all achieve with a few simple tricks of the trade. You can explore a variety of collections at Adorn yourself with charming details and unexpected touches with their ready-to-wear pieces that will have you looking taller and feeling poised for any occasion.

Discover how to look at least taller instantly by following these simple guides.

Dress Monochromatically

For an instant height boost, wear a monochromatic outfit. It eradicates any vertical breaks in an outfit. Having one color all over creates an elongated look and gives the impression of height and leanness.

Dressing monochromatically is a simple way to make a strong foundation for an outfit that’s sure to stand out. When every item in your look comes from the same color family, you avoid breaking up your form and contrasting fabric, making you look shorter.

Go Column Dressing

Long legs and a slim torso are undoubtedly hot, but neither one is enough to make you look two inches taller. To boost your stature (and play up your body’s assets), find apparel that takes your shape into account.

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Column dressing is wearing your outerwear on your lower body. It’s flattering on everyone, versatile, and keeps you covered whatever life throws your way.

Tailor Your Clothes According to Your Body

Getting clothing tailored to your body can make a difference in how you look, especially if you get it altered to fit properly. This is especially important when you’re short – petite clothing usually tends to be very long in the leg and easily drags on the floor.

A good tailor will be able to adjust it so that it’s hemmed to the correct length, taking your legs into account and making sure that it sits just below your knee. Tall women need shorter clothing, too; sleeves that are too long or overly baggy tops can make you look shorter than you are, so a tailor can adjust them to fit perfectly.

Use Pants and Shoes of the Same Color

A common misconception is that the higher a shoe is, the taller you are. The right shoes can be the finishing touch to your outfit, and choosing the right shoe is not something that you should overlook.

If you are aiming for a taller look, try pairing your hemline with footwear in the same color family to create a seamless look, emphasizing your new shoes. 

A pair of peep-toe heels that match your pants will add a polished look, while a classic pump will elongate your legs and give you an extra few inches in height. 

You can never go wrong with nude heels as it extends your legs and creates the illusion of length. Those who want to achieve a taller look should opt for shoes that match their pants.

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Opt For Small Handbags and Thin Belts 

If you are a short person, it is important to choose the right type of handbag. Many people forget that the width of a shoulder bag can make a petite person look even shorter by adding width to the waist and hips. 

A large handbag is no longer a style necessity for Petites. Don’t make the mistake of picking a large bag for your frame. A medium or large size bag may also add too much height to the frame and make you appear unproportionate.

Opt for a small-sized handbag or clutch if you want to look taller, or keep it simple with just a skinny belt.  

Play With Your Proportion

If you’re seeking the illusion of height, the key is to create vertical lines that elongate your body and look longer. This often requires you to play around with proportions. To help make an elephantesque body seem leggier, we recommend pairing high-waisted pants with a shorter jacket or top.


Apply these style tricks up your sleeves and clever ways to add height without hitting the stiletto day and night. You can stake a claim that it is not how you wear your shoes but how you wear your life.

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