An Insightful Discussion: Are ALL Sex Toys Sex Toys For Couples?

Do you want to make your alone time alluringly sexy and incredibly intimate? 

Sex toys aren’t just meant for masturbation. Keep reading to find out what makes a toy a couples sex toy and how to incorporate it into your sex life for endless euphoric pleasure. 

What are Couples Sex Toys?

Pleasure is best when it’s shared, so it’s no wonder that there’s a recent increase in couples’ sex toys on the market. But what exactly are couples’ sex toys? 

Couples’ sex toys are dedicated to couples and either make it possible for them to experience more pleasure simultaneously or take the power play to the next level. The most common ones include a couples vibrator that stimulates a woman’s clitoris and a man’s penis at the same time or remotely controlled vibrators that allow couples to have fun in public, hands-free. 

Good first-time sex toys for couples are also products that can introduce them to BDSM, such as handcuffs, whips, or chokers. When it comes to same-sex couples, the most popular sex toy is a double-ended dildo. 

Does this mean that these are the only sex toys that can be used by couples? Not at all! Don’t worry about the term too much. You and your partner can choose any type of sex toy you like and still have fun with it. Similarly, just because a toy is designed for couples doesn’t mean it’s for everyone; sex doesn’t have to involve penetration, and it’s fine if you don’t enjoy it. 

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Can All Sex Toys Be Used By Couples; What are the Pros?

Yes, yes, and yes! You already know the answer but let’s dive deeper into the topic. Here’s why using sex toys is great for you, regardless of what they’re advertised as:

 1. They can help you learn more about your body

There’s only so much you can do with your fingers, and some angles are painful, which makes it impossible to hit all the right spots. Using sex toys is a lot more ergonomic and allows you to discover sensations you didn’t know existed. Similarly, if you incorporate them into intercourse, you can experiment with new ways of pleasing your partner and meeting their needs. True Sex Stories

 2. They’ll bring variety to the bedroom

Sex toys open the door to many possibilities, from enhancing sensations in your favorite positions to allowing you to practice your kink. For example, it will be easier for you to orgasm if you stimulate your clitoris with a vibrator, and buying accessories such as handcuffs can help your fantasies come true. Whichever toy you go for, it will definitely be an upgrade. 

 3. It will be more pleasurable

First of all, intercourse is more satisfying if you master the proper technique and know exactly how to touch your partner. Secondly, a lot of women struggle to achieve an orgasm without help, so you can make it easier for yourself to come and even experience multiple orgasms. If you incorporate sex toys into the play, you’ll take pressure off yourself and will be able to fully focus on sensations instead of worrying if you can finish or not. It might take some time to learn how to use them, but it’s definitely worth a try.

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 4. It’s important to be comfortable with all sex toys you use

 If you don’t like the idea of having unexpected orgasms, there’s no point in forcing yourself to get used to a remotely controlled vibrator just because you want to spice things up or just because it’s branded as one of the best couples toys. 

It’s a better idea to introduce your partner to a toy that you already have experience using, such as a simple vibrating sex toy. The more comfortable you are with a toy, the more you’ll enjoy experimenting with your partner and the more open you’ll be to trying new things. 


 5. Buying sex toys can deepen your bond

Talking about sex doesn’t come easy to many people, even if they’re sexually active, so a trip to a sex shop (or a session of online browsing) might be out of your comfort zone, which is a good thing. You’ll learn how to talk about your desires and boundaries and become more likely to open up if there are problems in your relationship. It’s a win-win. 

 How to Use Sex Toys as a Couple?

Let’s move on to the fun stuff. Here’s how you and your partner can use sex toys:

 1. Introduce your partner to your favorite sex toy

Using sex toys with your partner can be a great learning experience. You can show him how you do it yourself and then ask him to give it a try. But don’t forget to take turns! While using sex toys by women is normalized, it’s not quite the case for men who can benefit from using them too. 


Encourage your partner to experiment with either a toy he already owns or one of your toys, and then have him teach you the right technique to return the favor.

 2. Try mutual masturbation

Once you’ve had a bit of practice, you can also try pleasing each other mutually. It’s not just a fun way to warm yourself up but can also be a substitute for penetrative sex.

 3. Watch porn and find a fantasy you want to try

Whatever your sexual fantasy is, you’ll be able to find a sex toy that can help you make it a reality. For example, if you want to try double penetration, you can experiment with a double-ended dildo, and if your partner wants to be submissive, you can give strap-on a go. But remember to discuss your desires with your partner first to make sure he likes the sound of it too. 

 4. Don’t just focus on genitals

Did you know that vibrators were primarily used as massagers? Don’t just limit yourself to clitoral stimulation and explore what else might be in store for you: start by using it on your nipples and then everywhere else on your body, from your neck to your soles. The same goes for your partner; he can try it out on his own, or you can make it a part of your foreplay. 

 5. Incorporate them into penetrative sex

Sex toys allow you to enjoy more than one type of stimulation simultaneously, which means you don’t have to settle for less. For example, you can use a dildo to try double penetration, stimulate your other erogenous zones with a vibrator or incorporate BDSM toys such as a whip to spice things up. 

 6. Engage all your senses 

Sex toys can truly take your sex life to the next level as they allow you to experiment with various sensations. For example, many couples enjoy exploring temperature play; invest in a metal toy and put it under hot or cold water, then trace it carefully along your partner’s skin. 

 A lot of toys are also designed to help you explore sensory deprivation play. When you’re prevented from using one of your senses, all other sensations become more intense. For example, you can use a blindfold to deprive your partner of the sense of sight and have them focus entirely on your touch.  

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