Why do people choose AWS exam dumps?


I recently passed the AWS Solutions Architect Associate exam. From the second try. But not because I was poorly prepared – it’s just that the devil is in the details and, as it turned out, in luck. There are many good articles on Habré about preparing for this exam, but I still decided to share my experience and tell you why you should also think about this aws dumps.


Why AWS? 

More and more companies are using the services of cloud providers. There are several major cloud service providers in the world: Amazon, Microsoft, Alibaba, Google, and Huawei. The pioneer is Amazon with its AWS (Amazon Web Services), they also occupy a large part of the cloud services market. AWS is the world’s fastest growing public cloud and growing in popularity. 

but you can look at the statistics of other countries: in India , the demand for professionals in the field of cloud computing has grown by 40% compared to 2020; in the US, according to Indeed , 60% of these job postings require skills related to Amazon Web Services. According to a report that Amazon made in conjunction with AlphaBeta, demand in the Asia-Pacific region will triple by 2025. 

The demand for such specialists increases their income accordingly. According to a Global Knowledge survey , the average annual salary for an AWS Certified Solution Architect in the United States is $159,033. Why not motivation?

For companies, 91% of organizations with certified employees say AWS services increase innovation.

Why did I decide to get an AWS certification?

In order to keep up with current trends and be able to quickly adapt to modern requirements, I decided to get a little familiar with AWS and take the Architect Associate SAA-C02 exam. The course and exam will give you an understanding of how clouds work and what they provide. Developers will be able to speed up the writing of applications, since they do not need to maintain the infrastructure themselves. 

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The best way to get acquainted is to come up with a task and implement it. I couldn’t come up with a task right off the bat, and there was no desire to deal with the capabilities of the cloud. Luckily, the company has an employee training program and access to A Cloud Guru courses. I was offered to take a course on this platform for free, although it costs $35-70. They were also ready to compensate for the exam – but only the one that I pass successfully. 

I saw the description of these courses in several places discover this info here: at the workplace, then I started looking for additional information on the training portal, I found the contacts of the manager responsible for training in cloud technologies. I know that other companies have similar training programs – it’s cool when employers also understand the importance of certification. 

I took the exam for myself to be more competitive: I plan to move to a project with AWS technologies in the future. As I wrote above, now such projects are more highly paid. 

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