Why did Billie Piper change her name?

Billie was born in Swindon in September 1982, but she was originally named Leian Paul Piper, which her parents decided they weren’t happy with. In April the following year they legally changed her name to Billie and the rest, as they say, is history.

How old was Billie Piper when she had a Top 40?

15 Billie Piper’s Music Career The head of Virgin’s Innocent label saw her and signed her up without further ado. Because We Want To hit the Number One spot and, aged just 15, she became the youngest female to top the charts in almost 40 years.

Is Billie Piper in a relationship?

Billie is dating musician Johnny Lloyd He said: She’s made my life better in so many ways and I just feel I now know who I am, I know what I can do, I know where I want to be. And that’s with her. In 2019, after two years of dating, they welcomed a daughter named Tallulah.

How old was Billie Piper when she dated Chris Evans?

Piper’s marriage to Evans, when she was 19 and he was 34, drew headlines throughout the early 2000s, before they split in 2004 and officially divorced in 2007.

What happened to Billie Piper’s face?

In March 2008, she was attacked with acid by her ex-boyfriend and an accomplice, causing major damage to her face and blindness in one eye. Piper underwent pioneering surgery to restore her face and vision. … In 2009, Piper gave up her right to anonymity in order to increase awareness about burn victims.

What was Adele’s number one hit?

Easy on Me is Adele’s fifth song to reach No. 1 on the Hot 100. Her next album, 30, is due Nov. 19.

Why did Billie Piper stop singing?

Billie Paul Piper (born Leian Paul Piper, 22 September 1982) is an English actress, filmmaker, and former singer. Following a second album which spawned her third UK #1 single, Day & Night, Piper announced in 2003 that she had abandoned her music career to focus on an acting career. …

Why Billie Piper left Dr Who?

But during the 2nd season with Tenant, Piper made the choice to leave the show. While Piper worked on Doctor Who, she divorced British television personality Chris Evans and had barely overcome years of battling anorexia. … Simply put, her stated reason for leaving the show was that she was ready to make a career move.

Does Billie Piper drink alcohol?

Despite her squeaky clean image, booze was a regular feature in her life, she had experimented with drugs and she struggled with anorexia. One night when she was aged 16 she even contemplated suicide.

Is Billie Piper with Laurence Fox?

Billie and Laurence went on to have two sons together, Winston, 12, and eight-year-old Eugene. The pair were married for eight years, with Laurence announcing their separation in March 2016.

Are Kevin Whately and Laurence Fox friends?

Lewis stars Laurence Fox and Kevin Whately reunited last night. The pair may have had somewhat of a frosty relationship on-screen as DS James Hathaway and DI Robert Lewis. But away from the hit ITV series, it looks like the pair are really the best of pals.

Who is Laurence Fox’s father?

James Fox Laurence Fox / Fathers Laurence Fox was born in 1978 in Leeds, the third of the five children of James Fox and Mary Elizabeth Piper. His father, James, was the son of Robin Fox, a theatrical agent, who married Angela Muriel Darita Worthington, daughter of the playwright Frederick Lonsdale.

Who is Emilia Fox’s brother?

Freddie Fox Emilia Fox / Brothers Her uncle is James Fox and her cousins Jack, Laurence and Lydia are also actors. She has a brother, Freddie (also an actor), and a half-sister, Lucy.

Who is Emilia Fox’s cousin?

Laurence Fox via Edward Fox Lydia Fox via Edward Fox Jack Fox via Edward Fox Robin Fox via Edward Fox Thomas Fox via Edward Fox Emilia Fox / Cousins Emilia’s cousin is actor Laurence Fox Emilia’s other cousins, Jack and Lydia (siblings of Laurence), are also actors. Jack has appeared as Ralph in Fresh Meat, alongside Jack Whitehall, and ITV’s Mr Selfridge. More recently, he starred in Riviera and as Sir Edward Denham in Sanditon.

Did Chris Evans buy Billie Piper a Ferrari?

FAST-moving star Chris Evans yesterday crowned a three-day romance with pop singer Billie Piper by presenting her with a pounds 105,000 Ferrari. He bought the silver 360 Modena at a Kensington dealer’s, decorated it with balloons and roses, and drove it to Billie’s West London flat to surprise her.

Are Chris Evans and Billie Piper friends?

Chris Evans, 55, married Billie Piper in 2001 when he was 34 and she was 19. They split in 2004 and officially divorced in 2007, but the pair have remained very close friends, something the radio DJ admits never gets less weird.

Has Katie Piper got a child?

Penelope Diane Belle Elizabeth Piper Katie Piper / Children Katie is a mum to two daughters on 14th March 2014 she gave birth to her first child Belle Elizabeth, now aged seven. And she gave birth to her second child, Penelope Diane, now aged three, on 13th December 2017.

Does Katie Piper have hair?

‘When my hair finally did grow back, it was a big moment. … In her latest role, as brand ambassador for Pantene, Katie shares how her hair has been a huge confidence tool for her over the years, ‘I’ve loved celebrating and experimenting with my hair in terms of style and of course colour.

Has Billie Piper had another baby?

BILLIE Piper has given birth with her third child but first with rocker boyfriend Johnny Lloyd. But when was the actress’s little one born and does she have any other children?