Who was in the original Broadway cast of Carousel?

The original cast included John Raitt (Billy), Jan Clayton (Julie), Jean Darling (Carrie), Eric Mattson (Enoch Snow), Christine Johnson (Nettie Fowler), Murvyn Vye (Jigger), Bambi Linn (Louise) and Russell Collins (Starkeeper).

When was Carousel on Broadway?

April 19, 1945 Carousel opened on Broadway April 19, 1945, at the Majestic Theatre, where it ran for 890 performances, eventually becoming a movie in 1956, reteaming the Oklahoma!

How old is Julie Jordan in Carousel?

JULIE JORDAN — Age Range 20-mid 30s. A real New England village girl, but ‘deeper’, quieter and more complex than her friends. Her infatuation for Billy turns to a love which is proof against his fatal character weaknesses and lives on many years after the tragedy.

Who played Billy Bigelow daughter in Carousel?

Suzanne Dolores Luckey (April 4, 1938 November 29, 2012) was an American actress, best known for her roles in the musical films Carousel (1956) and The Music Man (1962). She was born in Hollywood, California, where her father was a sound editor in the film industry.

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Why did Frank Sinatra quit Carousel?

Frank Sinatra walked off the film version of Carousel” because his then-wife, Ava Gardner, threatened to have an affair with screen legend Clark Gable, actress Shirley Jones claims. … And he had prerecorded all of the songs to be used in the picture.

Who dies in South Pacific?

The two send back reports on Japanese ships’ movements in the Slot, a strategic strait; American aircraft intercept and destroy the Japanese ships. When the Japanese Zeros strafe the Americans’ position, Emile narrowly escapes, but Cable is killed. Nellie learns of Cable’s death and that Emile is missing.

How many times has Carousel been revived?

The production is the fifth revival of the musical, which first opened on Broadway in 1945. The last revival, in 1994, played for about a year and won five Tonys. The new Carousel arrived at a moment of debate over the portrayal of women in classic musicals.

How does Carousel the musical end?

With Carousel, Rodgers and Hammerstein softened the ending by giving the villainous man, now called Billy, the chance to see Louise graduate from college. As an invisible spirit, Billy tells Louise to believe the words of the song You’ll Never Walk Alone, and he also tells Julie that he loves her.

What is the difference between a merry go round and a Carousel?

A Carousel is a ride that features a motor and horses, a merry-go-round is a ride that features no motor, and no horses. Carousels go up and down, merry-go-rounds spin the riders off if pushed too fast.

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Who is the protagonist of Carousel?

Bigelow is the protagonist in Carousel, the second work by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II, and one that’s come to be known as a problem musical, or the wife-beater musical. And the problem is not that Billy hits his wife, Julie, but that Julie, seemingly, makes an excuse for him, thereby teaching their …

How Old Is Louise in Carousel?

15 year old Louise: Billy and Julie’s 15 year old daughter.

Is Billy Bigelow a tenor?

The tenor, who will play the role in Lyric Opera of Chicago’s ‘Carousel,’ also talks about vocal health, career advice and why it’s best not to ask him to dance.

Where was Carousel filmed?

Boothbay Harbor The beautiful location filming uses the Maine coastal port of Boothbay Harbor, off I-1, around 30 miles south of Augusta, though the town has obviously changed in the intervening years. Most of the film’s scenes were shot where the Carousel Marina now stands.

Was Frank Sinatra in Carousel?

It’s been over 60 years since Shirley Jones had to find herself a new leading man for the film adaptation of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Carousel. But it was a big problem for everybody because Frank Sinatra was going to play the role. …

Was Frank Sinatra supposed to be in Carousel?

Frank Sinatra was originally cast to play Billy Bigelow. He even pre-recorded the songs he was to sing in the film. Prior to filming, the cast knew they had to film some scenes twice, one for regular Cinemascope and the other for CinemaScope 55.

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What year does Carousel take place?

1873 Carousel takes place in a small town in Maine in 1873. Its main characters are a young mill worker, Julie Jordan, who is in love with a carnival barker, an outsider named Billy Bigelow; Julie’s best friend, Carrie; Carrie’s fianc, Enoch Snow; and carousel owner Mrs.

Did Gordon MacRae do his own singing?

MacRae, who was self-taught in both singing and acting, lent his rousing baritone voice, clean-cut good looks, and boy-next-door personality to 16 movies. But in the mid-1950’s, audiences’ interest in musicals waned, and he got no more good offers.

Why does bloody mary want Lieutenant Cable to come to Bali?

The matriarch of Bali Ha’i, Bloody Mary, conducts much business with the troops, and she meets Lt. Joseph Cable soon after he arrives. She sings to him her mysterious song Bali Ha’i, with its haunting orchestral accompaniment, because she wants to entice him to visit her island.

How old is Nellie in South Pacific?

It is specified: He’s 44. Though Nellie’s age is never mentioned, she’s probably around 20 years younger than he is. Emile is not usually 44. In the standard script, he is referred to only as middle-aged. Isaacson said that the Muny got special permission from the R&H organization to add the specific number.

Where was Nellie Forbush from?

Arkansas Nellie Forbush is a fictional character created by bestselling author James A. Michener (19071997). A native of Arkansas, the character of Nellie first appears in Michener’s book Tales of the South Pacific, which was published in 1947.

What Broadway show is if I loved you from?

Carousel If I Loved You is a show tune from the 1945 Rodgers and Hammerstein musical Carousel.